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Insta-buy: the power of social influencers in Australian retail

Taysha Sullivan
Taysha Sullivan
// // Research by Power Retail has found social media influencers directly influence one third of all online purchases.

// Research by Power Retail has found social media influencers directly influence one third of all online purchases.

Influencers – they’re all over social media, but what are they and can they be beneficial to your business?

What is an influencer?

An influencer is an individual who creates content and through their reach and engagement is able to create genuine relationships with their audiences.

Influencers can help promote insta-buying (buying products or services via social media posts or recommendations) in an authentic manner.

Who is being influenced?

A common misconception can be that using influencers are only beneficial for businesses that have a target demographic under age 25, however interviews conducted by Power Retail with 9700 Australian online shoppers found that over 80 percent of insta-buyers are over aged 25.

The majority of Australian influencers audiences are aged between 25 and 44 with those over 55 more outnumbering those under 25.

“This research is a wake-up call to some Australian businesses who still overlook influencers in their broader marketing strategy.”

Natalie Giddings, The Remarkables Group

What are insta-buyers buying?

The top purchase made by insta-buyers interviewed was school items with 76 percent of all online sales of school items made by shoppers who follow an influencer.

Likewise, 49 percent of all large electrical appliances are made by shoppers who follow an influencer.

The research found insta-buyer’s top purchases included fashion, beauty and travel items with large & small appliances, garden supplies, cars, technology, office equipment, jewellery, homewares and baby goods also in the mix.

What do buyers want from influencers?

Top responses included helpful tips and advice (43 percent), product research and reviews (40percent), introduction to new brands (33 percent) and inspiration through looks or styles (32 percent).

How can businesses utilise influencers?

Australian online retailers have embraced influencers as a marketing tool with over 86 percent utilising them as part of their overall strategy.

Natalie Giddings, Managing Director of specialist influencer strategy agency The Remarkables Group, said influencer marketing allows audiences to see the product used in everyday life before they purchase it.

Insta-buy: the power of social influencers in Australian retail
Natalie Giddings, Managing Director of The Remarkables Group

“One question I always get asked is ‘do audiences really want to see influencers talk about products?’ My answer is, absolutely yes, this is actually one of the main reasons people follow influencers,” she said.

“People want to see how the products works, fits and feels in a real-life environment, like at the gym, not just on the rack.”

Although the benefits of influencers may not always be instant (pun-intended), they can allow businesses to reach their audiences in a new way that promotes confidence in their product or service and encourage lasting brand loyalty.


For more information on how influencers can help your brand, click here.

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