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HoverIT launches to boost local business

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HoverIT James Flanagan
// // The Freo-based startup seeks to simplify the process for vendors marketing their products and services...

Local businesses can now connect seamlessly with their consumer base thanks to HoverIT, a Western Australian e-commerce startup which launched last week.

The e-commerce platform is the creation of Irish-born Founder and CEO James Flanagan, who has been a resident of Fremantle for more than 12 years.

Described by Mr Flanagan as a platform where “e-commerce meets social media”, HoverIT was designed to make it easier for local businesses to connect directly with their community and assist consumers in finding exactly what they are looking for.

Uncomplicating buying & selling

HoverIT aims to assist vendors by simplifying the process of marketing their products or services, taking only minutes to sign up for an account and handling all payments in-app using payment processor Stripe.

Social media platforms and search engines are not designed with e-commerce in mind. Our platform has been purposely designed to support local. 

James Flanagan, HoverIT Founder & CEO

“Businesses using HoverIT don’t need an ad budget and SEO skills to be seen.”

The platform’s Verified Tag and Location Tag features aim to innovate the e-commerce experience, allowing business owners to create a tight-knit community within a single platform. Businesses who sign up for HoverIT will be automatically added to their suburb’s Location Tag, and have the option to apply for exclusive Verified Tags so customers can be assured of certain features, such as the establishment being pet friendly.

“With HoverIT’s precision tagging system, sellers tag their products using the language that buyers search with. Buyers find products and services by scrolling their home feed, visiting a profile and store, or through HoverIT’s search engine. It’s easy for businesses to customise delivery and pick-up options,” Mr Flanagan said.

The clever startup hopes to revolutionise the way in which people consume products and services too, making purchasing locally accessible and effortless.

“For buyers, it saves time and frustration. If they want to support local and find organic skincare nearby, they can do it with a few clicks, rather than trawling the internet,” he said.

HoverIT launches to boost local business
HoverIT Founder & CEO James Flanagan with Benjamyn Gardner, Founder of AntiBeauty

HoverIT has experienced phenomenal support from its own locale since the platform’s inception, with several businesses keen to come aboard. Among the businesses already signed up as ‘beta’ adopters are Fremantle-favourites Clancy’s Fish Pub, Fremantle Animal Hospital, AntiBeauty, La Tortilla, South Beach Boardies, Freo Harbour Bar, The Tea Crowd and Northern Star Ocean Products.

The startup has already received praise from its first vendors, who commented on the simplicity of the platform which takes the stress out of marketing, allowing them to focus on other aspects of their business.

We pride ourselves on being part of the community. Being a small business, I’ve relied on my own knowledge of SEO, and I was worried that I had not done it effectively. Knowing HoverIT’s tagging system takes care of this in a way I can trust is very important to me.

Dr Garnett Hall, Owner of the Fremantle Animal Hospital

HoverIT’s users have been enthusiastic to boost their brand visibility through the precision tagging system, with AntiBeauty Founder Benjamyn Gardener reveling in the ability to tag his skincare brand as Australian made, ethical, vegan, and carbon neutral.

While HoverIT currently services its Perth home base, there are plans for the e-commerce platform to become a global solution to business connectivity, by expanding their services to communities around the world.

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