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Have yourselves a merry festive season, and all the best for 2022!

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// // Have a great time, from all of us, to you - see you in 2022!

// From all of us here at Startup News, thanks for your support this year. What does 2022 have in store, as we open up from 5 Feb? No idea, but we’ll be here to cover it, you and all the rest of the #WA #startup scene.

No doubt for the rest of you – as with us – it’s been a busy year.

Our report card for 2021 reads thus…

  • went live with our brand new Startup News website (thank you Tekkon!)
  • designed and went live with a new Startup West site, dedicated to our podcast of the same name (thanks again Tekkon!)
  • published 265 articles;
  • signed up 11 Curtin Uni journo students & other contributors to do the writing;
  • increased our subscriber base (to over 3,400);
  • published 20 podcast episodes – including a live show (which will be out next week as a Christmas treat);
  • reached record traffic;
  • attracted 55K unique visitors to the site (+8% on 2020);
  • signed up six full sponsors (a record) – thank you JTSI, City of Perth, RSM, Spacecubed, Curtin Uni and Dinner Twist;
  • sponsored the Freo Startup Fest, West Tech Fest, Curtin Ignition and various other events;
  • updated the publication of the interactive WA Startup ecosystem and CO-WORKING databases;

… and we promoted, supported and celebrated the great things happening out there in WA startupland.

Go #WA #Startups!

It’s not about us, it’s about you

We continue to be inspired by what you are all doing.

It takes a certain type of person to take on all that risk, heartache, set backs and sleepless nights… but as much as you own all the difficulties, you will also own the triumphs.

It’s important work that you are doing.

The global and local economy is changing. Slowly and irrevocably – because that’s how the greatest changes happen – consumers and businesses are turning to subscription-based and other online/tech services that help them do what they want to do, whether for productivity reasons, to enter new markets, offer new services, keep themselves organised, purchase stuff or just have fun.

Plus, you create jobs. Good jobs. Well-paid jobs.

80% of all new jobs created over the past decade have been from the small business and startup sector. Scalable businesses pull in staff and create wealth at a rate never seen before on the planet.

Take a Break!

If you can take some time off with family and friends, get to the beach, watch an outdoor movie, drink some good wine, sit back and relax, sleep, laugh, go for a walk or a run, travel … whatever gets you away, please do it.

You know the support of friends and family, supporters and investors, believers is critical to keeping strong and your ultimate success.

Come back recharged. We’ll be back in the New Year too.

Happy festive season one and all. 🎅🎄🎁😊🌞 😎 ⛱


PHOTO: some of the now 14-strong Startup News team

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