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Happy Christmas Everyone!

Marcus Holmes
Marcus Holmes
// Well, that's a wrap for 2014, I guess... the festive season is upon us and life in Perth grinds to a halt while everyone heads to the bottle shop and beach (usually but not necessarily in that order)

Well, that’s a wrap for 2014, I guess… the festive season is upon us and life in Perth grinds to a halt while everyone heads to the bottle shop and beach (usually but not necessarily in that order)

It’s been a helluva year for us here at //SN. Our first year has seen us start from nothing to write over 300 posts (averaging one a day!), getting hundreds of subscribers, roughly a hundred thousand page views, and readers from all over the world.

We had fun attending, participating in and organising numerous events during the year, such as Startup Weekend, SNAP, Rails Girls, Startup West, Morning Startup, eGroup, Port80, Art Games, TED and so, so many others. The year has just been jam packed with educational, motivational and inspirational activities. And with all that activity we met with so many new people, with new startups, new ideas, new excitement and new hope.

We saw the launch of local crowd equity funding startup – Fat Hen, the winning of the South Korean Global App Challenge by Chris Baudia of GeoMoby, the opening of Atomic Sky, the crowd funding of $58k by Spacecubed, another round of Founder Institute, the RAC Seed Spark accelerator.

We also interviewed a bunch of amazing startups – Fotoleaf, SK Games, GeoMoby, LinkaPub, Farugi, iKoast, Postcare, Freedom Wifi, Tiink, Table Space, Stockbo, APE Mobile, Canva, Easy Trace, Jobs and Services, ColourColor, Helix Performance Sports Science, Bonza Kitchen, Collectstor, Vine Collective, LaunchCode PR, Corporate Climber, Fat Hen, Kojai, Shneebs, Appbot, Yellow Banana, Mobot, Switch My Loan, City Swagga, FIFO Housemate, Mining Hub, Prezentt, Mpire Media, Tuggle, The Boyfriend Shirt, Simply Wall Street, Mineler, Guusbump, Generous, Dressed, Fitness Engine and JiC Cards, plus spoke with many more.

Next year we plan on introducing new things and building on what we’ve started, now that we know it’s enough of a success to keep doing. Thanks to everyone for reading us, being interested in the Perth Startup Community, and keeping the dream alive 🙂

Patrick and I hope you are all individually and collectively happy, healthy, wealthy and wise and becoming more so over the break and into next year.

Onwards and Upwards!

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Marcus Holmes

Marcus Holmes

Gentleman Technologist and co-founder of Startup News. His vision has made //SN a sustainable media cheerleader for the startup community. Former CEO of Phnom Penh Post, he can be found somewhere in S.E. Asia coding away...
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