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Essemy looks to support Aussie businesses during pandemic

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// // Perth platform Essemy is offering free one-hour virtual consultations to discuss challenges and solutions during the current health crisis.

// Perth platform Essemy is offering free one-hour virtual consultations to discuss challenges and solutions during the current health crisis.

Where you might find it tough to match the DNA of your business to an expert, Essemy is striving to disrupt the market for subject matter experts (SME).

Recognising that businesses aren’t happy with the misaligned juncture of needs/information, Co-founder Andrew Christofides launched Essemy, which provides freelance consultants who have a proven ability to workshop in corporate environments as specific subject matter experts. Experts who have been chosen by the business seeking consultation to tailor their specific needs.

The industry’s incumbent business model finds the facilitators (SME’s) earning a fraction of what is brought in for their services, but Essemy aims to provide the same facilitators with a majority stake of their workshop value.

Andrew, who is bullish with this flipped business model, has been spurred on by positive feedback from both their facilitators and those who’ve experienced the workshops, and is ready to expand interstate and begin delivering workshops across Australia.

“Through these trying times, we have close to 50 subject matter experts who have the capabilities to provide gold nuggets of information from an advice perspective,” he said.

Andrew Christofides, Essemy

Essemy has built out a web-based platform where business owners and managers can use filters to find the exact subject matter expert they require.

Currently offering 140 workshops through 50 facilitators, the team has landed major revenue generating contracts with government departments and agencies such as AusPost, amongst other private sector organisations.

Essemy’s facilitators are thoroughly vetted before becoming registered consultants on the platform in what Andrew describes as a multi-layered process to ensure strictly high quality experts are available. He believes it’s crucial to uphold this level of quality to ensure customer confidence continues to build.

Essemy looks to support Aussie businesses during pandemic
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And then came Covid-19

Like many businesses though, the current global COVID-19 health pandemic has brought with it a collapse in business confidence and employee engagement spending.

Businesses have shifted their focus from where to spend, to where they can avoid spending. This panic coupled with work from home (WFH) policies have caused cancellations by organisations utilising the Essemy platform.

In lieu of this, Essemy are offering one-hour free virtual consultation sessions to any businesses that would like to discuss challenges and potential solutions during this tough economic situation brought on by the current health pandemic.

“We’re adjusting our delivery to the clients needs through this tough period”, said Andrew. “Hundreds of businesses are already struggling as the economy slow and public health measures are tightened.”

As startups have proven over the last decade or so, working remotely doesn’t have to be a restrictive endeavour. In fact, a lot of businesses thrive under such circumstances, and Essemy believes their experts are able to address common business issues that are cropping up at the moment.

Andrew and the team at Essemy are calling for advisors across Australia to register their interest as facilitators, and expect demand to increase from businesses needing to address financial difficulties, supply chain alternatives, corporate strategy, moving to remote workforce during COVID-19.

To learn more from some of the Essemy SME’s about various COVID-19 related business challenges, head to:

If you’re interested in getting in touch with the team for a one-hour free consultation, email the team at [email protected]


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