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Curtin Ignition 2014 interview: Jacob Moffitt

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Marcus Holmes
// At the recent Curtin Ignition programme I got the chance to interview some of the attendees. Find out what Jacob Moffitt has on his mind.

At the recent Curtin Ignition programme I got the chance to interview some of the attendees. Find out what Jacob Moffitt has on his mind.

//SN: So tell me about yourself, how did you get here at the Curtin Ignition program?

JM: I am a student at Curtin University, my final year of an Entrepreneurship Major, and Louie and Paul my lecturers were like you just gotta get on the Ignition program and give it a try, they sent me the email and hooked me up with Lucy as the initial contact. I came along, went to the session, went yeah this is awesome; definitely have to give this a crack.

I applied for the Curtin scholarship, then got the good news a few weeks later and thought yeah, gonna give this a really good crack!

//SN: Cool, so what’s your idea?

JM: I’m in the health and fitness space, it’s a planning tool for planning your weekly meals and workouts. Its gonna smoothly ease you through the process of learning how to plan your meals, how to plan your workouts based on your certain goals.

//SN: How has Ignition helped you move that idea forward?

JM:  It’s been really good for really bringing down my expectations a little bit. I had this idea that it would cost x amount, and it would happen in this sort time frame, but it’s gonna cost a lot more and take a lot longer than I expected. Which has been good, its brought me back to reality, which has been a really valuable experience doing it now this week, instead of months down the track, x amount of dollars down the track.

//SN: So what’s your next step?

JM: The next step for me, I’m really looking to potentially make contact with Andy at Atomic Sky, make my way into the tech incubator space, so that I can start really finding out who’s in the industry, how the Perth tech space works, get a coder or developer to start working on a MVP and then potentially marketing it amongst my personal training contacts.

//SN: Brilliant, thanks and good luck.

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Marcus Holmes

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