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Complete Home Filtration raises $2.4M Series A

Charlie Gunningham
Charlie Gunningham
// // Wangara-based water filtration company has tapped Better Labs and a prominent Tasmanian investor...

// Wangara-based water filtration company has tapped Better Labs and a prominent Tasmanian investor…

WA-based water filtration company, Complete Home Filtration, has completed a $2.4 million Series A funding round.

RAC-backed BetterLabs Ventures, who provided $300K in matching funds last year for an Accelerating Commercialisation grant, has followed on, together with prominent Tasmanian tech investor Andrew Sypkes (Sypkes Family Office).

This influx of capital will facilitate further expansion of the business and fast track the production of Attapure – the company’s proprietary filtration technology – which removes 100% of PFAS compounds from contaminated bore water via a novel PFAS-removing point of entry water filtration system.

Since the last funding round in the middle of last year, the business has experienced phenomenal growth as it has grown twelve-fold in WA to now begin its eastern states expansion via Brisbane and Sydney.

Complete Home Filtration specialises in whole of home water filtration systems that deliver freshly filtered water to every tap in the home. This upstream solution for household water ensures customers experience the luxury of showering, bathing and drinking high quality premium water which is better for both health and home.

Complete Home Filtration raises $2.4M Series A
Complete Home Filtration unit, installed.

“I am absolutely delighted to welcome Andrew Sypkes of the Sypkes Group as an investor and to see the team at BetterLabs invest again after a successful seed round,” said Suzanne Dodds, MD of CHF.

“It has been a pleasure having the expertise and advice of both Derek Gerrard and James Edwards at BetterLabs over the last 18 months.

“These funds will really help us accelerate our growth, in terms of new technologies and new markets and increase our manufacturing capabilities right here in Australia.

“We are super excited to be able to help more everyday Australians take control of their water and experience the best water quality possible from every tap in their homes.”

Suzanne has over 13 years experience in water filtration and has been internationally recognised as a thought leader in the water filtration space, winning ‘First Among Equals’ and a Tech 20[+] award from
Women in Technology in 2019.

The company’s innovations have been supported by federal government and the Defence Science Centre.

Complete Home Filtration raises $2.4M Series A
Fresh water. Forever.

With over 90 PFAS contaminated defence sites across Australia alone, and over 700 in the US, the market for this world-first PFAS-eliminating water filter is considerable.

Millions of people in the States are drinking water with ‘too high PFAS’ content.

“With a rapidly growing team across the country we are looking forward to delivering exceptional products and customer service to our customers nationally and to providing jobs and opportunities to our staff”, said Suzanne.


Find out more about the business at Photos – supplied.

Disclosure: the author worked with CHF on securing their Accelerating Commercialisation grant in 2019.

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