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Marcus Holmes

The Claisebrook Design Community is a new co-working space in the city. We took a look around and talked to Community Manager Beth Parker about the new space.

The CBDC story is like a dream for the community come true: a really cool co-working space, with a kitchen and cafe, run by a Venture Capitalist who’s interested in funding local startups. Enough space for events, a proper stage and screen setup, an engineering area for building stuff, and funky hot-desking space for everyone.

That’s exactly what this is. Little fish Group, an eastern state VC fund, owns the place and is testing their ability to generate dealflow from the grass-roots connection with the community. The facilities are custom-designed for the startup community as a working space and event space. There are hotdesking, private offices, meeting spaces and event spaces available for members and non-members.

Mandy Michael, Fender Community leader, has used the space for some of the recent Fender meetup group activity, and said:

“The venue is great for our needs, it’s really well organised, such a cool space. I was so impressed that the little things were already thought of, like display cables. A lot of spaces just have VGA for the main screen, but they had all the adaptors all ready to go. It’s  just an example, but it made my life as an event organiser so much easier!”

Beth Parker, community manager for the space, is keen to get more startup people involved in the space, as well as more events and community engagement. She was enthusiastic about the prospects for CBDC becoming one of the key venues in the community.

CBDC is hosting a pitch night later this year, with a 12-month placement at CBDC and access to mentorship and capital programmes through little fish Group for the winners.

You can sign up for the CBDC newsletter to be notified about future events here, or find out more about the space at their beautiful website:

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Picture of Marcus Holmes

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