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Caretech signs deal with Atlanta-based Locator X

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// // Freo-based Caretech is revolutionising intelligent packaging in the medical arena

Fremantle-based Caretech Services, an intelligent packaging technology developer, has announced a development agreement with LocatorX, a location tracking platform provider based in Atlanta, Ga, USA.

LocatorX currently offers an inexpensive, accurate and flexible cloud-based tracking technology that is used by companies across varied industries.

The agreement will allow the company to utilise Caretech Services’ SIP system technology that integrates electronic medical records and supply chains using intelligent procedural packaging or ‘SmartPacks’. This technology is used across the healthcare and veterinary sectors, addressing the issue of lives being lost due to medication errors.

“Our partnership with LocatorX will allow us to significantly reduce medication errors – helping to fulfill our mission to save as many lives as possible”, said Gregg Boalch, CTS Managing Director.

Jointly we can also realize the dream of virtual medication stockpiles – an effective use of our technologies as a weapon in disease control – especially in the COVID era.

Gregg Boalch, CTS Managing Director
Caretech signs deal with Atlanta-based Locator X
Gregg Boalch. Image – LinkedIn.

The small company has been able to achieve this despite the pandemic, which has involved working with major overseas players.

Caretech said their technology helps prevent the five causes of medication-related patient harm – mismatching of prescription, counterfeit supply, medication expiry, contraindication with other medication along with cold chain breaks.

In addition to this, the tech facilitates the removal of unnecessary administrative overheads for healthcare works.

Gregg told Startup News the recent tragic case of a mother in labour being given ten times the prescribed amount of morphine – which killed the baby while the mother was in a coma for four days – wouldn’t have occured if it had been in a SmartPack.

“The SIPApp performs 5 safety checks, including prescription validation,” Gregg explained.

Scott Fletcher, President and CEO of LocatorX, said his team is excited about the work Caretech Services is doing to improve both the authenticity and accuracy of pharmaceutical and medical supply distribution.

 “Additionally, we are pleased that LocatorX technology is enabling mission-critical applications ensuring patients receive the right medications at the right time without having to worry about their authenticity,” he added.

20 years in the industry

Since founded in 2001, the company has spearheaded harm reduction technologies, beginning innovative procedural packaging that reduced risks for intravenous drug users.

Products created by Caretech have since been commercially sold via community pharmacies in WA, regulated under a Government licence that was specially granted to enable the participation of both retail pharmacies and pharmaceutical wholesalers.

A condition of this licence was for Caretech to deliver detailed data to the Department of Health on a monthly basis. This meant the company analysed all aspects of the relatively new area of healthcare delivery, helping to develop the SIP system.

Currently, Caretech is active in the United States, India and Singapore. They have a pilot commitment with a private health service provider in WA, and have interest from providers in Victoria, NSW, Germany and the United Kingdom.

Gregg and David are also presenting to over 4,000 delegates at this weekend’s Global Webinar on Public Health.

Caretech signs deal with Atlanta-based Locator X


For more, check out Caretech’s website.

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