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Can You Help Balachandar Monetise His Website?

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Balachandar Pragasam

I met with an interesting guy the other day, he had made a website that performed a function, and was looking for advice on how to monetise it.

Balachandar Pragasam is an IT guy that has made this online app to solve a problem a buddy in the real estate business had. How to make terrible real estate photos into something more attractive and interesting.
Here’s his story on why he created

In 100 words or less, explain your startups purpose.

Photo Correction is an online photo enhancement site. Photos are being used and uploaded on the internet on a daily basis. Unless the photo is taken by a professional and through a quality camera, the photos taken are of poor quality and requires enhancement. When these photos are used for selling items online, they certainly require some enhancement to attract buyers and therefore the online photo enhancement site is created.

How will you fund and grow your startup?

Currently it is self funded and am hoping to get businesses to pay a small fee for photo correction through a backend service. Once the funding is available, video correction will be added to the site.

Whats so hard about your startup idea anyway?

It is a great idea but selling the concept to attract traffic or getting buyers is the hard part.

Why would I choose you and not your competitor(c’mon, everyone has one)?

There are no competitors in the online world as such. They are all downloadable programs that people have to install in their desktop in order to correct the photos. Well none of them have video correction available. What’s the most important tool, resource, person or anything that enabled you to launch your startup?

I saw a photo in gumtree and corrected through GIMP myself and realized how good that became after applying correction. Turned that into a website and made the same available online so other could benefit through this. Told my friends about this and they liked it straight away.

What was the best advice you ever got about your startup, and who from?

Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in getting up every time we fall (Confucius). I liked this quote all my life. Regarding the advice for startup, my friends told me to do it when I came up with the idea and I think that pretty much got me started.

Who are the founders in your team​ ​, what’s their story,​ and what do ​​they do?

Balachandar is a Software IT Project Manager and Dharani Rajendran is an Industrial chemist. We wanted to achieve something in life. We have done web development business before. And now this start up. Lets see where this takes us to.  

Balachandar is looking for help on ways to market and sell his product.  He also wants to add more features but wants to know what to add first.  

Can you help him out? Leave a comment below.

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