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Brodie McCulloch announces run for Perth Lord Mayor

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// // Well known startup community builder and Spacecubed founder Brodie McCulloch is running for the vacant position of Lord Mayor of Perth.

// Well known startup community builder and Spacecubed founder Brodie McCulloch is running for the vacant position of Lord Mayor of Perth.

The race for the Lord Mayor of Perth just got a bit more interesting, with well known startup stalwart Brodie McCulloch launching his campaign today.

The already-announced candidates include local media presenter Basil Kempilas, former journalists Di Bain and Mark Gibson, and retired magistrate Tim Schwass.

“I am committed to creating a smart and vibrant city, a global city and I want to lead this change with the Perth community.” Brodie McCulloch said. 

“I have built strong community, connections and businesses in the City of Perth over the past nine years and will continue to champion Perth as Lord Mayor.”

Brodie McCulloch, Mayoral candidate

Since founding Spacecubed in 2012, Brodie has been delivering support to thousands of businesses, startups and innovators in Perth. 

Brodie McCulloch announces run for Perth Lord Mayor
Handing the mike: Brodie McCulloch (right) with Plus Eight Entrepreneur in Residence Tim Brewer in 2018.

Brodie has been recognised as a Churchill Fellow, a 40under40 and Rising Stars award winner. 

Startup, Business and Community Builder

Brodie’s been instrumental in developing Perth’s vibrant startup scene, pioneering successful expansions in co-working spaces across the city.

This has rejuvenated over 5,500 square metres of Perth’s commercial office space, housing more than 300 organisations and 750 employees, and attracted more than 10,000 people through events last year. 

These businesses have contributed to a significant rise in job creation across the city over the past few years, and a new sense of vibrancy.

Indeed what would the local startup scene (or even the city) be without Brodie?

As Perth grows, Brodie believes the City needs a full-time leader who can reimagine spaces, create new opportunities for residents and companies, and prepare Perth for the future.

Brodie McCulloch announces run for Perth Lord Mayor
Brodie has been at the centre of Perth’s startup scene since 2012.

Why Brodie?

When asked why the residents and businesses of Perth should vote for him, Brodie offered these reasons for his campaign:

  • Local business owner – he’s run a small business in the CBD for nine years which has grown through a downturn; 
  • Supporter of business – through Spacecubed he’s supported thousands of entrepreneurs, SME’s, not for profits, corporate businesses and local government; 
  • Social Impact focused – he setup Spacecubed as a social enterprise which reinvests through Spacecubed Foundation in education, research and regional support for entrepreneurship; 
  • International – he has travelled extensively internationally and worked across many cultures working in tourism for five years in the US and Europe; 
  • Innovative Approach – his approach to both business and the impact we can have is innovative and he has used technology to scale that impact; 
  • Demographics – he is 36. More than half of residents in the City of Perth are between 20 and 39; 
  • Diversity – he is a married gay man. He has been a strong supporter of diversity through Spacecubed with its women learning to code program and scholarships provided to make it more accessible; 
  • Governance – he has developed strong governance skills and has served on a number of boards, with certification from the Governance Institute of Australia and as  a member of AICD; 
  • Collaboration / Partnerships – he has relied heavily on partnerships and collaborations across sectors and with diverse individuals and organisations. This includes startups, big business, not for profits, local, state and federal government; 
  • Non-political – Brodie does not have any political affiliations or connections and will be 100% focused on supporting businesses and the community in the City of Perth; and,
  • Recognised as a young business leader in Perth/WA with 40under40 Award in 2017 and Rising Stars in 2019. He has also been awarded and completed a Churchill fellowship exploring innovative models to scale social impact.

#LetsLeadChange Campaign

For more information on his campaign, visit his website, where you can also donate to his campaign (maximum donation $199).

In an innovative move, campaign supporters are urged to attend his #HackforMayor next weekend on Sat 8th August.

Hashtags: #LetsLeadChange #BrodieForMayor #HackForMayor

Ballot papers go out to Perth residents and businesses in mid September, with voting over by mid October.


Spacecubed is a sponsor of Startup News. Main Image: Brodie McCulloch. Supplied.

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