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Australia’s Largest Startup Ecosystem Survey Needs Your Help

Miles Burke
Miles Burke
Startup Muster

The very popular annual survey, Startup Muster is back on, and they need your help. Started in 2013, this nationwide survey of the Australian startup community, is used to identify and address common issues, as well as measure progress over time.

If you are involved with a startup, or involved in some way within the Australian startup ecosystem, I encourage you to please take 5-10 minutes, and complete the survey. Last year, 8.9% of respondents were from Western Australia; let’s see if this grows this year, and reflects the increased activity of innovation in our great state.

“This year we spent six months on survey design and stakeholder engagement, ensuring the survey is tailored for the Australian startup ecosystem and covers all facets of being a person or a business in the ecosystem.  We’re getting to understand the sentiments, behaviours and drivers of people in the ecosystem, along with understanding the businesses and how they operate.” says Monica Wulff, Co-Founder and CEO at Startup Muster.

“These factors also led to Startup Muster 2016 being open for completion by not only startup founders, but people potential founders and the multitude of businesses, organisations and individuals that directly impact startups and the startup ecosystem, also known as the supporters.” Monica added.

To get involved, head on over the Startup Muster website. Submissions close on August 1st (that’s 17 days time) and can be completed by founders, potential founders and supporters. Do it now, so you’re included!

You can see the survey results from last year, in this PDF document. It really is a fascinating read. For more information about the survey, have a read of Monica’s LinkedIn article, Startup Muster 101.

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