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Atomic Sky & Witan Corporate Innovation Consulting

Marcus Holmes
Marcus Holmes

Continuing the trend of everyone getting into corporate innovation consulting, Atomic Sky have partnered up with Witan to provide larger corporates with advice from the frontline of the startup revolution.

Atomic Sky and Innovation consulting partner Witan have been holding presentations and breakfast workshops to talk about how corporates and government departments can look to innovate like a startup does. Andy Lamb said:
“It’s fantastic to see the level of engagement we have achieved in only the past 2 weeks and we already have discussions taking place with more than 5 larger businesses about how the Atomic Sky/Witan teams can help facilitate innovation and cultural change for their organisations.”
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The main points that they’re talking about with their clients are:
  1. Make sure you free up the A team and have them on your bus. When embarking on your innovation journey, you need to make sure that you have the trailblazers on the initial innovation team with the skills and mandate to make things happen.
  2. Having a tool to capture ideas is almost worthless if you don’t have the structures in place to do something with those ideas once captured. You need to work backwards from the end game to the starting point to ensure this is successful.
  3. Innovation needs to be a mandate from the highest level in an organisation. It is simply not good enough for someone with the authority to say we are going to be more innovative. Everyone needs to walk the walk not just talk the talk.
  4. You need to have an internal marketing/communications function to keep your staff involved as to whats happening both from a success factor and when things don’t go as planned.
  5. Keep it down to smaller chunks of work that you can either prove or disprove quickly and efficiently. Larger organisations tend to try and include everyone and make new initiatives larger than they need to be.

You can get more information about the initiative at Atomic Sky Corporate 

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