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Arkahna acquires AV Advisory

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Desiree Durrani
Arkahna leadership team
// //The Perth-based startup acquires AV Advisory following a rapid growth since it opened its doors last year.

Perth-based Microsoft partner Arkahna has bought over the assets of data consultancy firm AV Advisory, bolstering its product portfolio and healthcare portfolio in an undisclosed cash deal that includes the company’s customers, intellectual property and staff.

Arkahna CEO Joshua Boys, who stepped out of his role in Microsoft’s local Azure business last year, believes that the acquisition will “further help us achieve [our] vision to establish a truly contemporary consultancy”.

The acquisition of AV Advisory is an exciting time for Arkahna as it will allow us to accelerate our strategy without having to compromise on other areas of our business. Our shared focus on the development of intellectual property and product is what made this an easy decision

Joshua Boys

AV Advisory CEO Andor Varga echoes Joshua’s sentiments: “by joining forces with Arkahna we get to focus on what truly excites us and be a part of an exciting new business”.

Varga will serve as the Principal Consultant of Arkhana and will report directly to Matthew Menezes, Arkahna’s Insight Intelligent applications Practice Lead.

Arkahna acquires AV Advisory
Arkahna’s website interface.

About Arkahna

Th AV Advisory asset acquisition comes just under a year after Arkahna opened its doors in 2021, formed from a collaboration between Boys, Satalyst CTO Leigh Shayler and Menezes.

According to Boys, Arkahna is designed to be a hybrid organisation that has a consulting firm branch, a systems integrator and an independent software vendor (ISV). 

It is their belief that the acquisition will benefit Arkhana long-term and achieve their goals of becoming a stand-out contemporary consultancy by:

  • integrating key intellectual property such as AV Advisory’s data platform and reporting platform automation solutions into Arkhana’s existing product portfolio,
  • accelerating the maturity of Arkahna’s data capability,
  • extending Arkahna’s contracts into already key customers, and
  • building on Arkahna’s healthcare focus, citing AV Advisory’s prominence in the data space and its domain experience in the healthcare sector in Western Australia.

What’s next for Arkahna?

Arkahna is looking forward to 2022 and continuing to execute on their strategy.

Building on its success in 2021, Arkahna will further develop specialist offerings and products for healthcare while also delivering on their broader go-to-market across Modern Apps and Modern Ways of Working.

It is their belief that a dual focus on the technology and people aspects of Cloud-Native, Security and DevOps has never been more important.


To find out more about Arkahna and its services, visit their website.

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Picture of Desiree Durrani

Desiree Durrani

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