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AgriFuture Reveals Tech Startups For evokeAG.2024

Chloe Maher
Chloe Maher
// Mark your calendars for AgriFutures' standout event on February 20-21 and delve into agrifood tech innovation...

In a convergence of entrepreneurial, technological and agricultural spirit, 40 local and international agtech startups are set to showcase their strengths at AgriFutures evokeAG in Perth in February, following the announcement of the event’s 2024 Startup Program cohort.

13 of the 40 are from WA:

  1. Agora Livestock (WA)
  2. Agtuary (VIC)
  3. Aquacultr Group (NSW)
  4. AquaWatch Solutions (NZ)
  5. Azaneo (NSW)
  6. Bitwise Agronomy (TAS)
  7. Boost AI (NSW)
  8. Bovonic Limited (NZ)
  9. C4C Packaging (WA)
  10. Converte (NSW)
  11. Energy Farmers Australia (WA)
  12. EXTAG (WA)
  13. Farmed Carbon (NSW)
  14. Farm Optimisation Group (WA)
  15. Food2Soil (NSW)
  16. Gaia Project Australia (VIC)
  17. Grown Not Flown (VIC)
  18. Hone Corporation (NSW)
  19. InvertiGro (NSW)
  20. Laconik (WA)
  21. LB Agtech (VIC)
  22. MaxSil (QLD)
  23. NanoSoils Bio (NSW)
  24. Nitronic (WA)
  25. Optomni (SA)
  26. Orijin Plus (WA)
  27. Protequus (USA)
  28. Rainstick (QLD)
  29. Stoktake (VIC)
  30. Ten Carbon Chemistry (ACT)
  31. TerraCipher (QLD)
  32. The Leaf Protein Co. (VIC)
  33. Transport Genie (Canada)
  34. Uluu (WA)
  35. Universal Biosecurity Ltd (WA)
  36. VetChip (WA)
  37. Xsights Digital (WA)
  38. Yarta (NSW)
  39. Y-Trace (WA)
  40. Zondii (NSW) 

Perth’s Convention and Exhibition Centre will play host to the two-day event on February 20 and 21, which offers a prime platform for agrifood tech and innovation startups and scaleups to establish direct connections with potential investors and corporate entities worldwide.

Hailing from across Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the United States, the selected startups are creating innovative solutions that address complex global challenges, from waste management to sustainable production and decarbonisation, to drive positive change to Australian food systems.
The AgriFutures evokeAG. Startup Program provides a premier opportunity for agrifood tech and innovation startup and scaleup businesses to directly connect with potential investors and corporates from across the world, grow their networks, and expand their customer base.
AgriFutures General Manager, Global Innovation Networks, Harriet Mellish, said “when it comes to innovation and technology in the agrifood sector, Australia is on the edge of immense opportunity and this cohort reflects that”.
Mellish said ten of these startups have been selected by AgriFutures to demonstrate their technology to conference-goers at evokeAG. 2024 on the demo stage, and a small contingent of Australian and New Zealand startups and scaleups will also have the opportunity to present to potential customers and investors at the event’s Culinary Capital Dinner on the eve of the two day event.
Businesses selected to exhibit in the inaugural Scaleup Station, include:

  • Agbot (QLD)
  • Agronomeye (NSW)
  • Bird Control Group (Netherlands)
  • CropX Limited (NZ)
  • FarmLab PTY LTD (NSW)
  • Goanna Ag (QLD)
  • Pairtree Intelligence Pty Ltd (NSW)
  • SwarmFarm Robotics (QLD)
  • Whole Green Foods (WA)
  • Zetifi (NSW)

The businesses selected for the Startup Program demonstrate exceptional technology that will help revolutionise the sector, have strong market potential, and a clear vision for the future and growth opportunities for the business.

AgriFutures General Manger, Global Innovation Networks, Harriet Mellish.

The initiative seeks to spotlight the inventive approaches of the selected startup businesses from across the globe that address world issues in waste management, sustainable production and decarbonisation.

Harriet said the opportunity to host this impressive cohort in Perth is a source of both excitement and pride.

“There aren’t many programs of this kind that connect future industry leaders in the agrifood tech innovation space, directly to global investors and customers that will help them grow, refine, and further market their business,” she said.

Click here to explore AgriFutures evokeAG. Startup Program and the full list of startups, or click here to find out more details about evokeAG. 2024 and purchase tickets.

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Chloe Maher

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