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6Q From Bam Launches

Marcus Holmes
Marcus Holmes
// 6Q, A company culture tracking tool, was launched today by BAM Creative, a Perth web design company

Bam Creative, one of Perth’s awesome digital creative agencies, have launched 6Q, a six-minute, six question employee engagement survey designed to boost company culture, improve communication and increase productivity by creating actionable insights.

6Q, the world’s first visual weekly team survey, has launched its employee engagement app by offering a free 25-day open trial. The survey, which can be completed from any device in less than six minutes, is designed to boost company culture, improve communication, and increase productivity across teams and entire organisations. 6Q is currently being trialled by over 100 companies in 25 countries across Australia, US, Asia, and Europe.

6Q’s six question survey aims to create ‘conversation starters’ to help business managers better frame discussions with their teams. The app’s unique visual feedback technique uses a simple sliding bar to control a friendly animated smiley face, replacing cumbersome number scales used on traditional surveys. 6Q’s secure dashboard delivers visual reports to managers by team, individual, or anonymously.

6Q was founded by Managing Director, Miles Burke and his team at award-winning, digital agency, Bam Creative. Mr Burke, an accomplished, author, speaker, entrepreneur, and digital strategist said the secret to a productive and profitable business is a happy and harmonious workforce.

“Our experience with a wide range of organisations for over a decade has provided us with a unique perspective on what creates a healthy and productive workplace culture,” said Mr Burke. “6Q gives businesses the chance to understand how their employees feel and why, by gathering feedback in a fun, meaningful, and actionable way that makes employees feel valued and appreciated.”

Stuart Gunstone, Managing Director of Capitalis, an Australian market research consultancy with clients including Microsoft and Google, has been using 6Q with his team.

“6Q has opened communications between team members and all levels of management like never before,” said Mr Gunstone. “We are able to adapt quickly to potential issues and more importantly harness new ideas in way that is respectful, collaborative and solutions oriented.”

According to Deloitte University Press, 58 percent of companies report that their performance management process is not an effective use of time. Leading organisations are scrapping the annual evaluation cycle and replacing it with ongoing feedback and coaching to promote continuous employee development.

“Gone are the days of annual performance reviews,” said Mr Burke.  “Goals shift and projects evolve fast – we need to take a real-time approach to engaging our employees rather than relying on annual snapshots. We’re excited to be launching 6Q and doing our bit to make work a happier place for everyone,” Mr Burke concluded.”

6Q’s pay-as-you-go, no-contract monthly packages start from less than $2 per team member. All plans include weekly polling, secure reports, and a comprehensive, professionally written question library.

Good luck Bam! This looks fantastic, and if it helps shift the needle on Aussie corporate culture then it gets our vote!

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