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2022 Plus Eight Accelerator Bootcamp Founders announced

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2021 plus eight
// // Meet the seventh cohort of the program...

Spacecubed has announced the 17 selected startups that will be invited to its 2022 Plus Eight Accelerator Bootcamp.

Each company has made the first step towards accessing a potential $500,000 pool of seed funding. The selected entrepreneurs will attend a weekend boot camp where they can pitch their businesses to their team, program partners and hosts.

Following the Pitching Bootcamp, a smaller number will be chosen for Phase One where they will move into a ten-week sprint. Here they will pitch, pivot and hustle towards Phase Two, when the investment capital kicks in.

This is the program’s seventh consecutive year. Since inception, the program has invested over $1.5 million into startups and facilitated around a further $12 million in follow-on investment. The portfolio valuation has so far totalled $101 million.

“Plus Eight has helped us take our business to the next level, connecting us to the best in Perth’s startup ecosystem and afforded us invaluable time with experienced mentors that have challenged us to dream big and think globally,” said James Tang, co-founder of Ready Team One, who participated in the 2021 instalment of the program.

“Over the past few months, we have been lucky enough to be surrounded by an amazing group of mentors, supporters and other founders who have helped us refine our internal processes and accelerate our growth trajectory to sign 6 additional venues this year,” added fellow participant Grace Tate, co-founder of Snackr.

The participants

AGRA Farming Technologies

AGRA seeks to bring a more sustainable agricultural future through controlled environment growing technology.


AntiBeauty uses a combination of dialectical behavioural therapy, 100% sustainable skincare products and re-education to counteract the damage the beauty industry causes to society.


Arbela is seeking to decentralise asset management by enabiling a wider ent to be cast on investment information.

Bobbleware Australia

Bobbleware Australia is a lifestyle drinkware brand that aims to disrupt the bubble tea industry by replacing single use plastics.

Confident Speakers Academy

Confident Speakers Academy is helping non-native English speakers become confident in their communication skills while integrating in Australian society.


Convose is a one-stop search for finding new people, covering a range of interests.

Equator Analytics

Equator Analtyics offers travel companies and destination an affordable data repository on the impact of tourism to encourage sustainability.

Force Hooks

Force Hooks is a sports science tech company that speicslises in isometric testing devices.

Game on Aus

Game on Aus provides a subscription-based cloud gaming solution for users interested in indie games.

Kinsey Global

Kinsey Global is a med-tech startup that is innovating future-focused sexual health products.


OneBase is a preventative healthcare startup that is data-driven.

Omni Biotech

Omni Biotech is a conceived a new global standard of hydration measurement, to be used on 500m active writs-worn wearables.

S5 System Pty Ltd

S5 System offers industrial control, automation and IoT products for the mining and agriculture industries.


SeedCulture is a gamified SaaS platform that uses behavioural science to scale sustainability knowledge and competence in their teams.


SportCentrAll is a centralised digital platform that can be used by all stakeholders in a sporting organisations – from fans to scorers.

Singulr Music

Singulr Music is bringing undiscovered musical talent to the world through the use of new innovations such as Blockchain, NFT’s, Crypto and the Metaverse.


Paperly is a single, customisable product that automates and manages the operational needs of a school.

To find out more about the program, head to the Plus Eight page.


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Picture of Liam Wignell

Liam Wignell

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