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Would You Like To Build An eCommerce Business That is 90% Automated?

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Ranjeev, Eugene and Tony would like to invite you to a workshop that presents an opportunity in digital commerce.

Setting up an eCommerce presence is now easier and also more vital than ever. Have you ever dreamt of opening your own store or having your own brand of products? Whether its electronics, health, personal care, or home goods for example, we live in an age where the opportunity to do so is at your hands. But having the knowledge on how to go about it is not so commonplace.

This is exactly how Ranjeev, Eugene and Tony felt before going out of their way to find the information and mentors on how to set up an eCommerce business. Through hard work and tweaking they have managed to create 3 profitable brands that are now 90% automated from customer ordering to packaging, shipping, invoicing and administration.

To save you on the hard yards they went through they’re willing to go through the strategies that took them to where they are today. This event will go through the mindset, systems and steps needed to create a memorable brand from scratch and start selling.

Tuesday, 30 September 2014
6:00pm to 7:30pm including networking
Drinks and light snacks included

Spacecubed 45
45 St Georges Terrace, Perth

$50 per person

Click HERE to register and secure your spot.

Please contact Ranjeev Sidhu at [email protected] or +61 423051242

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