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Triplify Launch Party

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Marcus Holmes

If the Triplify boys can market a business as well as they do a launch party, they’re sure-fire winners.

We were greeted at TechHub in Northbridge with those Hawaiian flower necklaces things (a lei, thank you Intertubes), and upstairs a lively crowd of startup people and friends of the Triplify founders were gathered drinking and talking at a good volume. The space was looking positively crowded.

The launch presentation itself was short and very to the point. We were asked to discover what was happening in London on the 24th August via the web interface, and the answer came back in less than 5 seconds. The UX is incredibly helpful and pleasant, even on my antiquated droidphone. Go find out for yourself:

The briefing on the history by Damien was great stuff: this project started out as a team on the first Perth Startup Weekend, and after the usual post-SW pause and loss of momentum they reassembled the team and got the project moving on. Three years later the project is live, making money and they’re pushing overseas and also onto the app store. This is the stuff Startup Weekend dreams are made of!

Well done lads, keep going, and we look forward to your exit party 🙂

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Picture of Marcus Holmes

Marcus Holmes

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