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Transmedia Guru Returns To Australia For Masterclass Series

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Patrick Green

X Media Lab Pathbreakers presents: Jeff Gomez “Transmedia Storytelling”. A one-day Masterclass with the world’s foremost Transmedia producer of Avatar, Pirates of the Caribbean, Transformers, Coca Cola, the Colombian government…

Due to popular demand, the world’s most successful transmedia producer returns to Australia to present his one-day “Transmedia Storytelling” Masterclass – which sells out at major media events around the world – and sold out in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth(Startup News was there enjoying it) in 2013.

The first in X Media Lab’s newly launched “Pathbreakers Series”, the Jeff Gomez “Transmedia Storytelling” Masterclass 2014 will tour Perth (Monday 6 October), Sydney (Wednesday 8 October), and Melbourne (Friday 10 October).

No longer simply the domain of the entertainment industries, transmedia is a technique that brands, governments and start-ups alike are increasingly engaging with.

“As the 30 second spot declines, and print and radio advertising fade into history, companies are searching for new techniques to connect with an increasingly preoccupied – and increasingly vociferous – consumer base.” says Jeff Gomez, CEO of Starlight Runner Entertainment.

“Those who understand how to leverage transmedia strategies and pervasive communications for their brands and franchises are seeing greater immediate impact, but more importantly they are positioning themselves fro the long-tail”, he said.

You can view a 70 second video of Jeff talking about transmedia below.

Completely updated, this Masterclass is a 6-hour survey of best practices in multi-platform narrative creation, and will teach brands, agencies, screen professionals, storytellers and startups how to create intense loyalty and long-term engagement among audiences, communities and consumers, and how to transform this into multiple revenue streams.  They will also learn cutting edge techniques in population activation and transmedia for social good.

Jeff will share exclusive examples of independent and solidly scaled transmedia endeavours in:

  • Entertainment + Factual Storytelling
  • Branding
  • Marketing + Advertising
  • Corporations
  • Public Policy
  • Social Good
  • Population Activation

Previous participants have included Australia’s leading screen producers and creatives, games developers, publishers, advertising and brand professionals, marketers, and communications specialists from across a broad range of industries.

Tickets can be purchased via:

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Picture of Patrick Green

Patrick Green

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