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Picture of Marcus Holmes
Marcus Holmes

It’s been a while since we did one of these, got the gang back together and told some tall stories about adventures in startup land. So on Friday Dec 4th we’re taking over Spacecubed for a #SWPerth Reunion!

It’s also the end of the Spacecubed Intensify scholarship program, so the graduates of that program will be pitching what they’ve been up to, just for practice and a little bit of attention. We’ll also be opening the mic up to anyone who’s got anything to pitch – 1 minute only though, so keep it crisp and pointy!

It’s at Spacecubed (of course!), starting at 5:30pm on Friday Dec 4th, drinks and snacks provided, and finishing at 8pm (but if anyone wants to keep going then Northbridge is real close).

Grab your ticket here:

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Picture of Marcus Holmes

Marcus Holmes

Gentleman Technologist and co-founder of Startup News. His vision has made //SN a sustainable media cheerleader for the startup community. Former CEO of Phnom Penh Post, he can be found somewhere in S.E. Asia coding away...
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