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Startup Weekend Perth #9 A Month Away

Picture of Marcus Holmes
Marcus Holmes

Startup Weekend Perth is the heartbeat of the Perth startup community. Every six months we get to build something and welcome another cohort of founders to the scene.

The ninth incarnation of SWPerth will be held at Spacecubed on the weekend of the 4-6th November.

At the risk of repeating myself, yet again, Startup Weekend is an education in entrepreneurship bottled up into a weekend. In 54 hours the teams take an idea from the raw stuff of imagination to a fully working business complete with customers.

Every time we’re amazed by how much progress a team can make in a weekend when they really put their minds to it.

This time, I won’t be facilitating the event. I’ve handed over the reins to Nathan Sturcke, who has been running the RAC Seedspark accelerator for two years now, as well as this season of Founders Institute, and has organised the last couple of SWPerth events with me (along with Kate Kirwin from Spacecubed, without whom the event would be a complete mess).

So good luck everyone, get your tickets now while they’re cheap, and I’ll see you there for a weekend of awesome. Head to for more details.

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Picture of Marcus Holmes

Marcus Holmes

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