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Morning Startup M2K Party

Marcus Holmes
Marcus Holmes

To celebrate reaching 2000 members, the Morning Startup meetup group is throwing a party.

On the 26th of October 2011, a couple of startup founders Isaak Dury ( and Scott Glew ( put out an open invite on to the Perth startup community to join them for coffee in Subiaco every second Wednesday morning.

Five years on and Morning Startup has become a pillar of the Perth startup scene with its fortnightly early morning events regularly attracting between 70 to 100+ people interested in creating successful new businesses from Perth.


Morning Startup has now grown to over 2200 members as it approaches its fifth birthday, and the organisers are throwing a party to celebrate!

Scott Glew said:

“It’s not just about celebrating an arbitrary 2000 member vanity metric. This is a long overdue celebration of the flourishing Perth startup community that we’ve seen grow at an amazing rate over the past five years.

After starting Morning Startup, I spent three and half of the past five years living in the US, and the change in the Perth startup scene after I returned has been remarkable. There’s been the opening of Spacecubed and almost 20 other co-working spaces across the Perth metro area, the launch of incubaters and founder development programs such as FI, Vocus Upstart, Fusion Founders and Perthcolator, and countless events such as Startup Weekend, Unearthed, GovHack and eGroup. The Government itself is getting onboard and injecting $20 million into the scene, and then there’s Morning Startup right in the middle of it all!”

The Morning Startup M2K (beyond 2000 members) party will be a show case of Perth startup talent. is putting together a panel of founders from Perth’s top ranking startups, and Morning Startup’s hosts and organisers past and present will be there including Isaak, Scott, Justin Stharsky (Unearthed, Startup WA, Synaptor), Dave Newman (, Robbie Nolan (Perthcolator), Sam Mead (Fusion Founders, Uproute + everything else startupy in Perth), and Stef Pienaar (Built in Perth).

“Success stories like Canva are showing the world that great companies are being born here in Perth. There are so many other exciting success stories beginning right now in Perth, and we want to encourage more of it by creating more opportunities like this for the industry to come together.”

said Dave Newman. Robbie Nolan added:

“It’s also going to be a great night with hopefully lots of embarrassing stories to tell about your co-workers in the weeks and months that follow!”

The Morning Startup M2K party is happening on Friday 14th of October from 7pm at the Claisebrook Design Community (, with early bird tickets available for $35 before October 2nd.

Tickets are available through their TidyHQ page (yep – that’s Isaak’s startup!) at:

So come along and help thank Morning Startup for the past five years of startup events without crawling out of bed at a ridiculous hour in the morning! It’s set to be a great night out!

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