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Hahn Jumpstart Opens A Cold One

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Marcus Holmes
// Hahn Brewery starts a new corporate-startup competition

Another month, another big-corporate startup accelerator.

Everyone seems to be getting on the corporate-startup-hackathon meme. The latest is Hahn who have launched JumpStart in conjunction with Jack Delosa (you may know him from such projects as The Entourage).

You can read the blurb here but it’s the usual stuff:

  1. Enter a competition with your startup idea
  2. They will pick a few winners
  3. Those winners will get funding and assistance from big-name advisors
  4. Profit

We’re all for more people getting involved in startup and launching their ideas, and if this helps do that then we’re all for it, too.

Here’s the FAQ:

  1. What is the Hahn JumpStart program all about?
    Over two decades ago, four mates got together, determined to brew better beers for Australians. Sharing their passion for great tasting beer, the current Hahn Brewers have worked together to create a range of modern beers that satisfy the changing tastes of the Australian drinker.That’s why we’ve created Hahn JumpStart- to give you the chance to grab a mate, share a hunch, and seize your dreams! We want to hear about your original idea and why you and your mates are passionate about making it happen.
  2. What type of ideas are you looking for?
    Anything goes, as long as it’s an idea that you and your mates are passionate about. It could be something you have been chatting about over a beer for some time; maybe it’s something you’re already an expert in, or perhaps a completely unrelated field. We welcome all ideas, big or small.
  3. How do I submit my idea?
    Click here to access the online entry form. Good luck!
  4. Can I submit an idea on my own?
    It is a condition of entry that there must be at least two people involved with your project/idea. The Hahn JumpStart program is about giving you and your mates a chance to live your dreams- just like the guys from Hahn did when they started the brewery. It’s all about collaboration, so grab a mate and get talking.
  5. When do I need to have my entry in by?
    Entries close at 17.00 EST on 12/09/2014. Don’t leave it too late to enter; we’d hate for you to miss out.
  6. Am I eligible to enter this competition?
    If you’re an Australian resident aged 18 years or over then you’re set to go. Don’t forget to get your mates on board! All entries must be submitted by a group of two or more people. Please remember your mates must also be Australian residents aged 18 years or over.
  7. What does the entry process involve?
    It’s easy. Visit the online entry form and follow the prompts. You’ll need a team photo, short overview of your idea and a great project title. Your group will also have to nominate a team leader to fill out their own details, and be the main point of contact throughout the competition.
  8. What should be included in my team photo?
    We want to see the mates behind the great idea, so be sure to take a photo that includes all group members! You can also get creative- Hahn JumpStart is all about passion, so feel free to incorporate your passion or original idea in your photo. The terms and conditions outline a few items to be mindful of.
  9. What happens after my team has submitted their idea?
    If your idea is shortlisted, we’ll let you know by 16/09/14. At that stage we’ll ask you some questions about your project and request additional information on each team member that they must provide. You will also have the option to submit a short video that tells us more about your idea or project. Once we have received this information, the Hahn JumpStart judges will select finalist groups to attend the judging experience.
  10. What happens if I am selected as a finalist?
    If you’re one of our finalists we’ll let you know on 13/10/14. Two members of each finalist group will attend a two day judging experience in Sydney, where they’ll get to participate in some awesome events and workshops. They’ll also be interviewed by the judging panel, and the winning and runners up team will be chosen! If you are selected as one of our finalists, your entry submission (including your original entry form, additional information supplied and short summary written by us) will be posted on the Hahn website at
  11. How many winners are there and what do they receive?
    There is one winning team, who will receive the ultimate Hahn JumpStart package to help make their dreams a reality. This includes $20,000 and 10 hours of mentoring with industry experts. There is also a runner up team and a people’s choice team, who will each receive $5,000 and 10 hours of mentoring to help them on their way.
  12. How is the winning team determined?
    The winning team and runner up will be chosen from a panel of judges at the end of the two-day judging experience. The Hahn JumpStart judges will be looking for ideas that showcase passion, collaboration, achievement and fresh-thinking as demonstrated through the final interview at the judging experience- all key values that led our Hahn brewers to success!
  13. How is the people’s choice determined?
    The people’s choice will be selected from our group of finalists. All finalist entries will be posted on our website and the entry with the most Facebook likes will be deemed the people’s choice winner.
  14. When is the winning team announced?
    The winning team, runner up and people’s choice teams will all be announced at 18.00 EDT on 3/12/14 at a special event at the Entourage’s Entrepreneur Development Centre in Ultimo, Sydney.
  15. If I’m the winning team, what next?
    It’s time to get started! We’ll provide your group with $20,000 and access to some top industry professionals to help you turn your idea into a reality.
  16. I have another question!
    If you have any other questions about Hahn JumpStart, shoot us an email at [email protected].

So if your idea could use a little jumpstart head over to their site and fill in the form.

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