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World Nuclear Energy Day 2022 – December 2nd – Webinar

2 December, 2022 @ 9:00 am - 11:00 am

World Nuclear Energy Day 2022 - December 2nd - Webinar
Showcasing Nuclear Energy Success around the Globe

Here we go again. Innovate Australia is the official Ambasador of the World Nuclear Energy Day. For the second time we invite you to celebrate technological advances and inovation in the nuclear energy field around the world.

This is the one day when people around the globe celebrate the virtues and benefits of nuclear energy, open their shops for tours (both virtual and physical), discuss new technologies, and work to include nuclear energy in legislation at the local, regional, national and international levels.

This date, December 2nd, was selected to acknowledge BOTH the first date for a self-sustaining chain reaction and also the date of the start-up of the first commercial-scale electric power reactor. Fermi’s first nuclear reactor named the Chicago Pile-1 became the first to create a self-sustaining chain reaction on December 2, 1942. In addition, the first commercial-sized reactor in Shippingport, Pennsylvania also went critical on December 2nd, 1957; exactly 15 years later on the same day. Learn more here on YouTube: Chicago Pile-1: A Brick History

World Nuclear Energy Day 2022 - December 2nd - Webinar

A Chain Reaction – Hand in Hand

Each year World Nuclear Energy Day highlights one key aspect of the nuclear energy and power industry. This year we focus on “A Chain Reaction”; the theme for 2022 in which we all engage, hand-in-hand in support of the positive benefits that nuclear brings by using Social Media and other network connectivity. This theme reminds us to raise awareness by engaging with the global network of advocates and supporters of nuclear energy. Feel free to use this official Logo wherever you celebrate World Nuclear Energy Day. Come celebrate with us “A Chain Reaction” in your own geographic area with an event, webinar, lecture, party, seminar or zoom meeting.

World Nuclear Energy Day 2022 - December 2nd - Webinar

Our MC/Moderator:

Steve Carroll

CEO, Innovate Australia

Our Presenters:

Jim Scherrer

Coordinator, World Nuclear Energy Day (USA)

Joanne Lackenby

President, Australian Nuclear Association

Robert Parker

Civil Engineer, Nuclear For Climate Australia

Stephen Wilson

Adjunct Professor at the University of Queensland

Warren McKenzie

Founder and Managing Director, HB11 Energy

The presentations will be followed by a Q&A session and a general discussion moderated by Steve Carroll

World Nuclear Energy Day 2022 - December 2nd - Webinar

Other interesting events:

World Nuclear Energy Day 2022 - December 2nd - Webinar

World Renewable Energy Congress XXI (WREC2022)

The World Renewable Energy Congress (WREC) and Network (WREN) is a non-profit company set up in 1990 to help foster transfer of renewable energy technology from developed countries to developing countries. For more than 10-years their Honorary President was The Deputy Director General of UNESCO, Prof Dr Adnan Badran. WREC is a British Company which organizes conferences and seminars, publishes books, journals and magazines around the world in the field of Renewable Energy. More than 40 countries have hosted the Congress,

World Nuclear Energy Day 2022 - December 2nd - Webinar
World Nuclear Energy Day 2022 - December 2nd - Webinar

Nuclear Energy for the Planet

The need to satisfy the world’s ever-increasing demand for a low carbon, secure and affordable electricity and energy source is one of the greatest challenges of this century. Our aim should be to provide the world with enough energy and electricity to enable a sustainable development for all whilst maintaining the global temperature increase within 1.5°C by 2050.

Nuclear fission together with all other “clean” technologies such as renewables and hydropower can enable this much needed green transition. Public perception on nuclear has changed throughout the years and it is now changing fast in Europe mainly due to the pressing challenges that we are facing: climate change and energy independence.

World Nuclear Energy Day 2022 - December 2nd - Webinar


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