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Fenders July Presentation Night

14 July, 2021 @ 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm

It’s time for our bi-monthly presentation event and we have two great talks for you!

Please be sure to read the covid restrictions at the end of the description.

After the event we will move to Fat Boyz across the road, for some hangs and further chats, and you can get yourself a drink!

For those that cannot attend in person we will be streaming live via youtube.

How to do Functional Programming in JavaScript
Sam Ritchie

I’ve regularly been asked “How do I do Functional Programming in JavaScript?” and I’ve never had a good answer, I’ve finally cottoned on that the question is not dissimilar to “How do I do programming?” – it’s a bit open ended and there’s no right answer.

In this talk I’ll be looking to cover what functional programming is & why it’s important, before moving on to practical examples of functional techniques in JavaScript that people are probably already familiar with. A lot of the focus will be on identifying functional patterns and looking at common scenarios where they might be valuable.

Deno 🦕: A new way to run JavaScript
Luke John, Atlassian

Deno is a runtime for JavaScript and TypeScript. This presentation will cover;
– a general introduction,
– how it compares to other frameworks like Node.js,
– some examples of how to get started using it,
– and some recommendations for getting started.

Due to COVID we do have some restrictions.
– The event capacity is limited to 30 people, with this in mind please be sure to keep your RSVP up to date, and please try not to pull out at the last minute. RSVP will close 1 day prior to the event.
– We will not be providing food or drinks at this event, please feel free to bring your own water bottle which you can fill up at the venue.
– Masks may need to be worn depending on WA Health guidelines at the time. Please bring a mask with you, and do your best to socially distance.
– For tracing purposes we will have people sign in on arrival so we have a record of who was in attendance.

Why don’t you run presentations every month?
We alternate between presentations and catch ups – the catch ups are a way for you to chat with people in the community in a less formal setting and get to know them. You can come and go at any time it’s much less commitment and aims to help build the community and your network.

Also with the COVID capacity restrictions presentations night attendance is limited so we felt casual catchups allow us to have more people hang out than if we just did presentations. (Especially considering no show rates are at 30-50%.

Why do you do things at a bar?
Good question, it’s simply because there aren’t that many free venues that you can have an unknown number of people coming and going. Bars are one of the only places that allows this. Please do not feel any pressure to drink alcohol at these venues. Mandy is usually drinking cranberry juice, it’s her favourite.

What if I don’t know anyone?
That’s perfect, come along! A few of the Fenders team will be there (usually wearing a Fenders t-shirt!), so if you’re new to the group let them know and they can help include you in conversations or introduce you to people.


14 July, 2021
5:30 pm - 7:30 pm


Front End Web Developers Perth (Fenders)


1314 Hay St
West Perth, au

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