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Startup West

Produced by Startup News, the Startup West podcast talks with West Australian startups who have been there and done it, or are right here and doing it! Recorded in beautiful Perth, WA. Co-hosts: Charlie Gunningham and Danelle Cross. Editor: Carmen Yee.

Startup West podcast: Founders’ panel (live)

// Recorded live on stage at the recent Freo Startup Fest: 'the launch, the raise and the exit'...

Startup West podcast 68: Katie Liew, The Underground Collaborative

// Startup West talks with Katie Liew, founder of a social enterprise looking to break the cycles of homelessness

Startup West podcast 67: Doug Fitch, Agworld

// Doug Fitch shares the 11-year Agworld story to date, including a $100M sale earlier this year

Startup West podcast 66: Louise + Rob Daw, MiPlan

// Louise and Rob Daw tell the 7-year story of their mining tech startup, MiPlan, from founding, winning clients, hiring, raising and onto exit

Startup West podcast 65: Michael Malone, iiNet

// Michael Malone built up iiNet to a $1B+ business over 20 years

Startup West podcast 64: Cullum Ashton – BuilderzWA + Proptech Hub

// Cullum Ashton founded proptech BuilderzWA and also Perth's first and only Proptech Hub

Startup West podcast 63: Elizabeth Knight, Purposeful

// Elizabeth Knight founded Purposeful so young people can 'find their place' in the world.

Startup West podcast 62: Dan Jovevski, WeMoney

// Startup West podcast talks with Dan Jovevski, founder of fintech WeMoney

Startup West podcast 61: Natalie Marinho, Voyant AR

// Danelle and Charlie talk with Natalie Marinho, founder of Voyant AR

Startup West podcast 60: Jason Waller, InteliCare

// Jason Waller and InteliCare are on a mission to help the elderly live safely in their own home for longer

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