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Startup News has been the home of West Australian startup news and events since 2013. We publish several news stories, interviews, tips and events relating to WA startups every week, with over 1,200 articles in our archives. We also produce the 'Startup West' podcast, and host the 'Hubs (Ecosystem)' database of WA startup programs, places and events.

VOTE for your Startup Awards 2020!

// These are YOUR startup awards West Australia. No nominations. No judging panels. No fees. Vote ONCE and pay it forward. Winners will be announced at the Freo Startup Fest on 3rd Dec...

Startup Events – Nov/Dec 2020

// Loads of startup events are loaded onto our November event calendar, plus of course the WEST TECH FEST is on the first week of December......

Top 10 startup stories from September quarter

// Welcome to the first quarter for FY21. Here's the top 10 startup stories so far...

Startup Events – Oct 2020

// Our new calendar automatically sucks in WA startup events posted on Eventbrite and Meetup, plus others... do have a looksie...

Startup Events – Sept 20

// A growing number of startup events are appearing on the calendar, and in person...

Let’s get behind #BrodieforMayor

// There are now 6 candidates for Lord Mayor. Only one has been working hard for startups for 8 years. If you want to help the local innovation ecosystem, you will get behind Brodie's campaign...

London calling WA startups and scaleups

// Despite the global pandemic, London is getting ready to once again turn into the hottest innovation hub on the planet to unite tech, talent and enablers.

Brodie McCulloch announces run for Perth Lord Mayor

// Well known startup community builder and Spacecubed founder Brodie McCulloch is running for the vacant position of Lord Mayor of Perth.

Top Ten articles in June quarter, and other news

// It's been an interesting 3 months, to say the least. What have you been most interested in...?

In Person meetings are back. Kinda.

// After months of webinars and zoom calling, some actual face to face events are reappearing across startupland...

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