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Paul Towers

Paul Towers is a 3x Entrepreneur and passionate supporter of the Australian Startup Ecosystem. He currently consults to Australian startups at Startup Engine where he enjoys working with early stage founders on validating their idea, user acquisition, strategy, marketing and growth hacking. He also prepares the daily startup newsletter, Startup Soda, that features news, blog posts and tactical resources from Australian Startups, Founders and VC's.

Three Aussie Startups Looking to Change the Way You Invest in Your Future

Australia has a robust banking and finance community. And our superannuation scheme is revered around the world as being one of the best examples...

Why Providing Value Is the Best Way to Grow Your Network

Most people recognise the value that a strong network can bring. Many even talk about how they want to build a network, but sadly...

Startups: Get Ahead On Social Media With These 3 Free Tools

Launching a startup is like writing a never ending to do list. Just when you seemed to have crossed one thing off you are...

Three Marketplace Startups Kicking Goals in Australia

As a passionate supporter of the Australian startup ecosystem I enjoy keeping an eye out for new and interesting companies. And over the past...

Should You “Recruit” A Technical Co-Founder For Your Startup?

Having a technical co-founder on your team is often seen as a necessity in all but a handful of situations. The reasons behind this...

Validate Your Startup Idea with HIIT

In his first article for us, Paul Towers from Startup Engine reveals his validation framework, HIIT, and how you can use it to help...

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