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Beth Caniglia

A digital essentialist, obsessed with how technology can transform businesses, industries and lives, Beth has worked in and around the Perth startup scene for the last 5 years, starting co-working spaces, building apps and creating digital strategies for startups and corporations alike. She is currently Global Marketing Manager for VROC AI in Perth, and co-host on our 'Startup West' podcast.

RAC Launches its own $3M seed investment fund and invites you to apply

While RAC's $3M BetterLabs fund was only launched officially last night, it turns out the organisation had had its eye on one of Perth's most prominent startups for some time...

Don’t Hit the Brakes – Accelerating to the End of the Plus Eight Program

A travel experience company, a babysitting platform, a space hire company and an instant building approvals platform all walk into a bar...

Brav(i)o, QuizJam – Global Expansion for Local Tech Team

Perth based tech and marketing company, QuizJam is set to expand beyond Australian shores with its announcement yesterday of a licencing agreement with the Canadian Digital Entertainment Powerhouse Bravio...

Professionally Judgemental – For a Purpose

Pitch nights come and go from the event calendar but passion mixed with purpose - that might just have staying power. Beth reports from the recent Social Impact Festival pitch night ...

SpacetoCo went Swimming with Sharks – and Survived

Perth-based space sharing startup SpacetoCo pitched their business on this week's Shark Tank TV show, and snagged a $210K deal with Steve Baxter...

Feeding off Feedback – Appbot Iterates with AI Enabled Service

After building a company based on understanding customer reviews, it's no surprise that Appbot has taken its own feedback seriously...

An Effing Great Night

There are few better ways in life, I've found, to hammer home how passionate you are about something, than to start swearing about it.

Changing as the workforce does

Alastair Haldane and his team have developed OnContractor, which claims to be the world’s first contractor marketplace for engineering and resources ...

It’s never the technology, it’s always the people

Startup WA's inaugural event set out to showcase how the 'Humans of Startup Land' are as diverse as they come.. Held at the newly opened...

Student Edge – on the way to One Million Users

How four Willetton school friends have turned an idea into nearly a million members.. If you haven't heard of Student Edge, you're either not in...

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