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Mary Miller-Furesh

Mary Miller-Furesh is a Principal Consultant at Scout and the Partnerships Director for TEDxPerth. She lives with her wife, two children and miniature schnauzer in Perth.

A Cautionary Tale

Contributor Mary Miller-Furesh speaks with professional games developer, Mike Cann, about Mr Nibbles and his run in with Google. I came across Mike’s blog last...

Startup Story: Anthony from Gigger

//SN: Hey Anthony, tell me what Gigger is about Gigger connects bands, promoters and venues all in one place, it's a three-way marketplace solution for...

Startup Story: Dr Samantha Hall from Rate My Space

Dr Samantha Hall and Dr Vanessa Rauland are Co-Founders of SimplyCarbon. Sam and Vanessa are sustainability specialists and researchers. SimplyCarbon focuses on embedding sustainability and...

Western Australian Innovation Summit: A Missed Opportunity

The WA Innovation Summit was held last week. Organised by the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer, the summit was a follow-up to...

Startup Story: Maryse Jensen from Worklife Calendar

Contributor Mary Miller-Furesh speaks with WorkLife Calendar Founding Director, Maryse Jensen, about launching the WorkLife Calendar app.  //SN: Maryse, we met early in your startup...

Startup Story: Mal Ashton from WAIV

Contributor Mary Miller-Furesh speaks with WAIV COO, Mal Ashton, to talk about the upcoming launch of the newest payments platform coming out of Australia,...

Startup Weekend – Give It A Go

Mary Miller-Furesh is a local entrepreneur and the first respondent to our appeal for new writers. She writes about her experiences with Startup Weekend...

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