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Lean Hackman

Lean Hackman is a pseudonym for a West Australian startup person who likes anonymity. When Lean isn't ranting here, you can find him near pizza, beer, startups and antisocial behaviour, often all at the same time.

First Facebook bans news, then ignores us, then wipes our page, then puts it back!

// Lean Hackman's back, with his usual strident views on all The Facebook shenanigans

Yes, I’m back, and I’m not happy!

// After two years away gallivanting around outer Mongolia, Lean Hackman was back in Perth this week, and fired off this missive. Duck for cover...!

WWWhat A Disappointment

Last week the WWW2017 conference was in town. Anyone notice it? Some of the biggest, brightest, most valuable, well-funded experts and companies in the whole...

Underpants or Emails?

Startup News couldn't return without Lean Hackman, so we persuaded the old warhorse to stop messing about and write some more vitriol for our...

Dear Startup Founder, the Government Owes You Nothing

All this talk about needing government grants, begging for tax breaks for innovative companies and the like makes me wonder if the startup community...

Public vs Private: Fight!

I was lucky enough to be able to attend the M2K party a while back. If you weren't there then you missed an excellent...

Lets All Raise Money and Burn It Faster Than You Can Say Innovate

There's something to be said for being self funded. Every buck you spend is yours, and you're going to do it wisely. Not so...

6 Startup Statements That Prove You Deserve a Punch in the Face

We've all heard about 'building influence' and creating 'thought leadership'. If you think those are bad, here are six statements that are so incredibly...

The Opposite Of Lean is Shite

Lean Startup comes in for more than it's fair share of abuse, especially recently as the corporate consultant bullshit artists start using it. But let's...

Make the World a Better Place: Start with Stopping the Bulls&$t

We’re all hard at work, building a new category of businesses that couldn’t have been attempted a few decades ago. Scalable globally, and with...

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