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Loke Leng

A Malaysian in Perth. Graduate of Curtin University, currently doing an honours year in Economics. Coffee addicted night owl who starts a hundred writing projects in order to finish one.

Agristart and EvokeAG to Launch Startup Network

// Agristart and EvokeAG will be closing applications for their collaborative agrifood tech program (Startup Network) on 5pm (AEST) Mon, 17 May.

Foody Bag’s End of May L(a)unch

// Foody Bag is a food waste reduction startup in Perth, starting with bakeries...

David Gribble recognised as global business innovator

// An Interview with David Gribble, CEO of Constable Care Foundation.

UXDX APAC Online Conference

// UXDX Asia Pacific (APAC) is a product delivery conference. Late tickets for the March 4 - 5 event are available til 8pm tonight

Renergi wins $5.9M to turn trash to energy

Renergi has obtained $5.9 million in government funding to build a plant in Collie to convert forestry and ag waste into bio-oil and bio-char.

Art Hide’s supply chain: interview with Kura Perkins

// Art Hide produces and sells custom rugs globally. Founder Kura Perkins shares how they manage their supply chain during Covid.

icetana and the business of anomaly spotting

// The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the adoption of AI assisted real-time video surveillance technologies; good news for ASX-listed icetana.

GO1 provides 70,000 online courses free for WA

// We talk with the co-founder of workplace training company GO1, Vu Tran ...

Help for Australian exporters

// Expensive onions, once an Indian meme, is now reality for many. Governments worldwide have limited food exports, but Australia has doubled down on exports with loan guarantees and schemes.

Low cost growth hacking

// Free or cost effective online resources can be used to create awareness and gauge public interest...

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