Hello and welcome to Startup News, the home of West Australian startup news and events since 2013 (and since 2018, the Startup West podcast).

We publish several news stories, interviews, tips and events relating to WA startups every week, with over 1,700 articles in our archives.

To keep the doors open, we rely on our wonderful sponsors (… virtual doors that is; we’re a distributed team).

Several people have been responsible for setting up //SN and keeping it going since – all unpaid volunteers, part of the startup ecosystem, doing it for the community…

Patrick Green, founder (2013- )

Patrick has been a keen observer and participant in the local Perth Startup scene for more than a decade.  He has a wonderful family, some chickens, plays bass in a band and lives and works in Fremantle. Software consulting is his profession, and has been starting up new ideas for many years. Patrick’s the original (2013) founder and current co-owner of Startup News, he’s also CTO of Credi, GM of Tekkon as well as bass player for the Locktones.

Marcus Holmes, co-founder (2013-2017)

Marcus was active in the Perth startup scene from 2011 to 2017 (when he left to work overseas). Involved in startups since about 1995, (but we didn’t call them startups back then, they were small businesses for a while, then SME’s), Marcus is a code monkey by trade and inclination, and has been writing software products for over 20 years. He wouldn’t claim to be any good at it, but knows what being bad looks like. In 2017/18 he was CEO of the Phnom Penh Post in Cambodia, but now can be found coding away in Berlin. 

Miles Burke, co-founder (2013-2017)

Miles has been involved in online business since 1995, and is founder and MD of local digital marketing company, Bam Creative, and founder & MD of tech startup, 6Q. In his spare time, between mentoring, running two businesses and contributing to //SN, you can find him on a motorbike, asleep or eating, but rarely simultaneously.

Charlie Gunningham, managing editor (2018-2021)

Charlie has spent 20+ years in the Perth startup community, co-founding aussiehome.com in 1999, which was acquired by REIWA in 2010, whereupon he ran reiwa.com. He was CEO of Business News before working on the federal government’s Accelerating Commercialisation $485M startup fund. In 2021 he helped launch The Property Tribune, and in 2022 became Director Innovation at JTSI. A cricket tragic, he also plays drums or bass guitar in a blues band.

Other Contributors

We have a great collection of other passionate writers who contribute to us, when they can. Some are uni students doing media or related courses, and are paid for their contributions, as they gain experience in publishing.

You can see their names under the article headlines. Make sure you support them by saying hello on social media, or buying them a drink at the next event.

Interested in joining our contributor cohort? See our Write for Us page for details.

The Startup News story (podcast)

Hear from the founders and current manager about the origins of Startup News, and their views on the startup scene in WA… (recorded in mid 2020)