Terra15 awarded a $947K Accelerating Commercialisation grant


// Terra15 has been awarded a matching $947K federal government Accelerating Commercialisation grant in recognition of their next-generation vibration sensing technology… 

Perth-based startup Terra15 has become the third WA early stage company to be awarded an Accelerating Commercialisation grant this year, having won a $947K grant to help them develop and commercialise their Treble technology.

Treble is a vibration, acoustic and seismic sensing platform that facilitates real-time and high precision monitoring on a wide range of infrastructure and assets in the resources and utilities sectors.

Terra15’s technology is aiming to be a key component in the new generation of monitoring, automation and optimisation technologies that are delivering long term benefits to these sectors.

Terra15’s CEO Nader Issa says the technology is simple to implement and sees a rapid uptake in the coming years.

“The beauty of our technology is that we can transform standard optical fibre cable into thousands of individual high-fidelity vibration sensors to create a reliable real-time, 24/7 monitoring network,” he told Startup News.

“We are excited to be acknowledged as amongst the best local startups facilitating technological innovation in Australia.

“Terra15 will also continue to recruit locally and we are actively seeking new talent to join our high performing, collaborative and innovative team.”

Terra15 team outside their new offices on Adelaide Terrace

This year Terra15 has already formed key partnerships with key resource and utility companies across the state of WA and are actively seeking additional commercial trials to further demonstrate the benefits and applicability of the technology. 


For more on the Accelerating Commercialisation program, view the newly revamped website. For more on Terra15, visit their website.