Startup News
What's 'news'?

Startup News is interested in hearing about new launches, funding agreements, products, exits, … as well as opinion, advice and events relevant to Western Australia’s exciting startup community.

We also produce the ‘Startup West‘ podcast, where we interview local WA startup founders and others involved in the community.

Editorially, if the story is of genuine interest to – or is about – WA startups, then we are interested.

Please don’t just send us an email cold, do some homework first. Read this HOW TO DO A PRESS RELEASE article before contacting us. Makes it soooooo much easier for all concerned, and greatly increases the chances of you being featured.

We have a team of contributors ready to contact you and discuss publishing anything ‘newsy’.

It’s not enough to want to be published, you should have the answer to the question: why is this useful or interesting for WA startups?

Go #WA #Startups!


Do you have a story idea on a WA startup? Please contact us.

Photo by Brett Sayles from Pexels.