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Ziksu wins Most Innovative Contactless Payment Solution (APAC) 2022 award

Liam Wignell
Liam Wignell
// // The award comes just one year after being launched at Optus Stadium...

Just a year after launching at Optus Stadium, fintech digital finances platform Ziksu has been awarded a major award from an international finance magazine.

The award is part of ten wealth and finance award categories hosted by UK-based Wealth and Finance International magazine, and is judged by a panel of researchers based on several criteria.

This includes demonstrated expertise in a given area, dedication to client fulfilment and noteworthy performance or commitment to innovation.

Ziksu Founder Karthik Srinivasan said he was proud to be recognised in the global arena.

“It’s fantastic to be recognised for financial services innovation within the APAC region…we are excited to offer Ziksu’s ‘Scan n Pay’ as the first truly contactless payment method instore in Australia,” Mr Srinivasan said.

“It enables customers to manage transactions through their mobile device, including entering a pin number to verify their identity, which has been highlighted as critical during the pandemic.

Ziksu provides an instore digital solution to the ongoing transaction problems faced by Australian businesses.

Ziksu, which is the first Australian fintech to be recognised as a financial instuition, it incorporates a QR code and true contactess mobile payment services with a digital transaction account and real-time funds settlement.

He added it would also provide equality in financial services for Australian consumers.

“Australia’s payment system has remained unchanged for more than three decades and millions of small businesses have been burdened with including ongoing terminal costs, high account keeping fees, waiting up to three days for funds to appear in their account and loss of business due to general hardware failures,” he said.

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