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VOTE for your Startup Awards 2022!

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// // Winners will be announced at the Freo Startup Fest on 8 Dec...

// Now in its fifth year, these are YOUR startup awards, Western Australia. No nominations. No judging panels. No fees. Vote ONCE and pay it forward. Winners will be announced at the Freo Startup Fest on 8 Dec …

2022’s been an interesting year. We got Covid. Stuff happened. People did stuff. Some of it was very impressive. Deals. Launches. Exits. Mergers. Events. Pivots. Wins.

Who’s impressed you most this year in WA startup land?

Which company? Which leader? Which supporter?

It’s time to have your say.

Yes, fine people, it’s time again for the Startup News Awards, the single most sought-after award in the history of the universe…


  • Vote ONCE only. 
  • Don’t vote for yourself or your own company. Give it up to others. Pay it forward.
  • No cheating! We’ll be watching. 
VOTE for your Startup Awards 2022!

Just write in the names of the organisation and people that have done impressive, admirable things this year…

(early stage WA innovative venture, with scalable business model)

(WA founder, staff member, developer, leader…who works in and for a startup)

(WA adviser, mentor, organiser … to startups – who does not look for payment)

** VOTE NOW! (Google Form) **

Voting ends Fri 18 Nov, and winners will be announced at the Freo Startup Fest 22 on Thurs 8 December, part of West Tech Fest, at the Maritime Museum/Gage Roads.

Winners receive trophies and lots of love. Come along, and make a night of it. 2-5pm startup pitching comp (with amazing prizes) and live startup founder podcast recording, then watch the sunset, with food, drinks and good cheer.

An unmissable event!


See you there, and all hail WA startups.


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