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Talk Of The Town: Friday 3rd October 2014

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Patrick Green

Talk of the town is our weekly post of links and tidbits that we hear about, but didn’t get time to write about.


  • Ride sharing startup RideSurfer lobs in Perth, will this put any heat on Uber? Will we see an Uber war like in the US?
  • Head along to hear how David Kerbey transformed the Perth Mint from an organisation with no website to now turning over close to $50 million a year online and selling to more than 25 countries. eGroup October Forum.
  • The winners of the RAC Seed Spark were announced last night, with the top prize of $25k going to Jason O’Neil & Aaron Gregory of Today We Learned. More on that story coming soon.[YouTube Video]
  • Brand new FTI Games & Interactive Program official launch next week as part of the Perth Games Festival (11 October, 5:30pm Canton Lounge RSVP Here)

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Picture of Patrick Green

Patrick Green

Patrick is the co-founder and co-editor of Startup News. With a history in software and startups, he gets a kick out of seeing other peoples ideas come to life.
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