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// Carl Maiorana and Elizabeth Knight teamed up in 2022 after discovering a mutual passion for the mysterious ‘no code technology’...

Carl Maiorana and Elizabeth Knight are familiar faces in Perth’s startup ecosystem, having participated in Plus 8, Curtin Ignition and other programs with their respective businesses BuyerUp and Purposeful.

The pair have previously facilitated entrepreneurship education through UWA and Bloom. The duo teamed up in 2022 after discovering a mutual passion for the mysterious ‘no code technology’ that was transforming their businesses.

”Ultimately, our mission is to democratise creating and innovating with technology”, says Elizabeth.

“We desperately need more people to develop technical skillsets, but right now, upskilling is daunting and inaccessible to most people. No code provides companies with an option to build applications, complex automations, workflows and websites quickly and efficiently, without compromising on quality”.

Drag-and-drop coding

If you’re still puzzled about what no code is all about, it’s pretty straightforward.

No code technology refers to a set of tools and platforms that allow individuals to build and launch websites, mobile apps, or software solutions without writing any actual code. In other words, no code technology enables people to create and launch technology products and solutions using visual, drag-and-drop interfaces, rather than coding.

The efficiencies gained from harnessing the power of no code are phenomenal.

When I started building my first app, a real estate application to collect and analyse buyer enquiry, it took me 3 months to find the right software engineers and another 6 months working with them to build the app. I had to give up a large chunk of equity. 2 years later, knowing what I know now about no code, I could build 95% of the same app myself with no code in only two weeks, without having to give up any equity.

Carl Maiorana

It’s not an exaggeration that tasks that would take tens of thousands of dollars, and weeks or months to complete are now possible in hours, for free or at an extremely low cost.

As Lacey Filipich, founder of Money School puts it, “If you’re wondering how much learning no-code tools could be worth to you, consider this: a financial calculator that cost me $25k to build in 2019 can now be recreated for free, with no-code tools, by me (not a dev) with zero custom coding.

“Don’t go spending big bucks on your website till you’ve worked out what no-code could save you in time and money.”

Whilst it’s not too late to upskill and learn more about no code, it is becoming critical that businesses understand these technologies, especially given the emergence of innovations like ChatGPT.

“No code and artificial intelligence work side by side. If you want to start immersing yourself in this world, and preparing for the transformations that are occurring in the way we work, learning about no code technology is a great place to start,” adds Elizabeth.

No Code Odyssey are running a live cohort-based course ‘How To Build An Epic Website’, kicking off on February 27th. If you’re looking for an introduction to the no code universe, sign up today.

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