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Betterlabs’ Heyscape Strikes Deal To Provide Tiny Cabins In Kings Park

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// Here’s your chance for the perfect founder retreat — sleep under the stars and wake up in Kings Park.

Imagine being able to spend the night in a unique Tiny Cabin and the first-ever accommodation right at the heart of the natural landscape that is Kings Park.

For a limited time this winter, that will be a reality. It’s the first something like this has been on offer in the park, and it’s brought to you by Heyscape, a company started in Betterlabs Venture Studio. 

Head of Heyscape, Tim Brady told Startup News, “Providing opportunities to appreciate beautiful landscapes is at the heart of Heyscape’s mission, and we are excited that this trial will give guests a unique, immersive experience in the WA Botanic Garden and bushland surrounds. We invite guests to try this unique experience in an iconic location, while respecting the surrounding area and leaving minimal impact. This is an exciting initiative showcasing WA as a tourism destination.”

Betterlabs’ Heyscape Strikes Deal To Provide Tiny Cabins In Kings Park

Heyscape will set up three tiny cabins in the Kings Park between June 7th and July 28th. Each eco-friendly cabin has a bed, kitchenette, Wi-Fi, and environmentally sustainable bathroom amenities, and uses solar panels, composting, and potable water. 

Accommodation pricing will start at $495.00 per night with a two-night stay minimum and will include a few exclusive amenities. A behind-the-scenes tour of the Kings Park plant breeding program, the use of two Tiller E-rides for the duration of the stay, and a curated ‘locals’ experience highlighting the best activities in and around the park. 

Betterlabs’ Heyscape Strikes Deal To Provide Tiny Cabins In Kings Park

The three sites at Kings Park which will host the tiny cabins will be the DNA Tower, Dryandra, and Balga carpark. Each location highlights the natural beauty of the park, with two of the cabins featuring uninterrupted views of the Swan River and the other with views of the city skyline. 

To find out more or to make a booking, visit Heyscape here.

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Picture of Em Jones

Em Jones

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