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Perth Angels looking for a full deck

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Pankaj Sharma
Perth Angels pitch
// // With 13 years of quarterly pitch nights behind them, the local investing group is looking for deal flow. Applications close soon...

The Perth Angels is set to host its 52nd Perth Angels Pitch Night. Since being established 13 years ago, the investing group has held pitch nights four times a year, and for those of you with playing cards knowledge, they now have a full deck. 13 cards in a suit, 4 suits in a pack; 13 x 4 = 52.

However, they are promising that this isn’t just any regular pitch event. They are calling it a chance for “ambitious founders with revolutionary ideas to propel their ventures to unprecedented levels through vital funding and expert mentorship.”

So, mark your calendars. The Pitch Night is slated for 15 November, with the registration window closing on the 25 October. Keen entrepreneurs and startup founders are encouraged to secure their spots through this link:

The Offer

What’s on offer at the Pitch Night isn’t just a stage, but an opportunity for entrepreneurs to showcase their cutting-edge ideas, explaining their vision to a room full of potential investors looking for deal flow. It’s a unique opportunity to mingle with a spirited community of like-minded trailblazers and seasoned angel investors, all passionate about fostering innovation and scaling businesses.

Why should you pitch at the Perth Angels Pitch Night?

  • Direct Lane to Perth Angels: Step up and present your venture directly to Perth Angels, a network that’s become synonymous with endorsing dynamic founders.
  • Constructive Critiques and Expert Advice: Benefit from profound insights, constructive feedback, and astute advice from veteran angel investors and business people, pivotal in fine-tuning your business plans.
  • Rich Networking Avenues: Immerse yourself in a buzzing entrepreneurial scene, ripe for forging invaluable partnerships and collaborations.
  • Robust Funding Prospects: Secure a shot at funding avenues poised to supercharge your business’s trajectory.

For any further details or queries, please shoot an email to Perth Angels at [email protected]. Don’t miss out on this transformative experience!


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Picture of Pankaj Sharma

Pankaj Sharma

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