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'Startup West' Podcast

Startup West podcast 49: Matt James, Dan Jovevski & Renae Bunster (Freo Startup Fest Panel)

// A special episode of Startup West: a panel recorded in front of a live audience, with Matt James, Renae Bunster and Dan Jovevski...

Startup West podcast 48: Suzanne Dodds, Complete Home Filtration

// WiTWA Winner, Rise Awards Startup of the Year and with a recent $2.4M Series A round, we talk with amazing Suzanne Dodds...

Startup West podcast 47: Kate Kirwin, She Codes

// We talk with Kate Kirwin, whose 5-year old organisation has taught more than 4,500 women to code...

Startup West podcast 46: Michael Palmer, Ads on Wheels

// We talk with Michael Palmer, co-founder of adtech platform AdsonWheels...

Startup West podcast 45: Lorena Sumich, KIXXFIT

// We talk with Lorena Sumich, co-founder and CEO of fitness coach marketplace, KIXXFIT.

Startup West podcast ep44: Marc Berryman, Rhinohide

// We talk with Marc Berryman, founder and CEO of Rhinohide, a protective side covering for 4WDs: "the phone cover for your car."

Startup West podcast ep43: Vanessa Rauland & Alexander Karan, ClimateClever

// We talk with the founders of ClimateClever, who are on growth trajectory having been featured on ABC TV recently ...

Startup West podcast ep42: Lucy Cooke, Spacedraft

// We talk with the founder of this year's 'Startup of the Year', Lucy Cooke from Spacedraft ...

Startup West podcast ep41: Olivia Humphrey, Kanopy

// We talk with the founder of one of the most successful startups to come out of Perth, Olivia Humphrey from Kanopy ...

Startup West podcast ep40: Dan & Jeremy, SpacetoCo

// We talk with Dan McCullen and Jeremy Hurst, co-founders of space sparing site SpacetoCo ...

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