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'Startup West' Podcast

Startup West podcast 64: Cullum Ashton – BuilderzWA + Proptech Hub

// Cullum Ashton founded proptech BuilderzWA and also Perth's first and only Proptech Hub

Startup West podcast 63: Elizabeth Knight, Purposeful

// Elizabeth Knight founded Purposeful so young people can 'find their place' in the world.

Startup West podcast 62: Dan Jovevski, WeMoney

// Startup West podcast talks with Dan Jovevski, founder of fintech WeMoney

Startup West podcast 61: Natalie Marinho, Voyant AR

// Danelle and Charlie talk with Natalie Marinho, founder of Voyant AR

Startup West podcast 60: Jason Waller, InteliCare

// Jason Waller and InteliCare are on a mission to help the elderly live safely in their own home for longer

Startup West podcast 59: Daisy Ashworth, Mortgage Mates

// After years working in social housing programs, Daisy Ashworth set up a platform to help people co-own property

Startup West podcast 58: Erin Bell, Camp Connect

// Erin Bell saw the same HR and health/safety issues cropping up on mine sites, so sought to fix them with Camp Connect.

Startup West podcast 57: Nick Saunders, Opaxe / Grow Impact

// Originally from Perth, Nick has worked in startups in London, Europe and South America. He's now heading up two in Perth.

Startup West podcast 56: Zara Torre, The Difference

// Dr Zara Torre talks to Startup West about her charity donation app, The Difference.

Startup West podcast 55: Clinton Schroeder, Tokn

// Clinton Schroeder talks with Startup West about his award-winning startup, Tokn, which allows enterprise software to work on any device.

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