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Curtin Ignition 2014 interview: Dennis Savic

At the recent Curtin Ignition programme I got the chance to interview some of the attendees. Find out what Dennis Savic has on his mind.

Startup Story: Buildkite

Keith Pitt, of The Startup Previously Known as Buildbox, told us his fascinating story.

School For Social Entrepreneurs Opens Its Doors In Perth

School for Social Entrepreneurs is a feature in the Perth startup community, teaching socially-minded people how to run socially-oriented businesses. Their 2015 incubator intake is open and taking recruits, so we put our hands up and asked some questions.

Lainey Weiser on “Why We Need Just Start IT”

Lainey Weiser is the amazingly positive driver behind Just Start IT, now moving into an incredible second year and growing enormously. She gives her opinion on why we need this program.

Startup Story: Simply Wall St.

Today we interview Nick van den Berg who is the Co Founder/COO of a startup called Simply Wall St that was launched in May of 2014.

Curtin Ignition 2014 interview: Jacob Moffitt

At the recent Curtin Ignition programme I got the chance to interview some of the attendees. Find out what Jacob Moffitt has on his mind.

The View From Hong Kong – Ex-Cuber Olivia Chiu

Olivia Chiu was a Spacecubed Intensify Scholarship winner in 2013, who has since moved to Hong Kong while working on her startup. We hassled...

Curtin Ignition 2014 – Lee Batey

Lee Batey was a delegate at Curtin Ignition this year, and we got his opinions on the program //SN: What's been your impression of the...

Ignition 2014 Interview: Marina Aleixo

Marina Aleixo was one of the delegates at the recent Ignition 2014 program. We got her opinions about the program and its effect on her business idea.

Do You Have The LaunchCode?

Founded and directed by Shahirah Gardner, a PR executive with recent Silicon Valley experience, Launchcode PR launched in March this year in response to Perth’s growing tech hub and lack of industry specific marketing and PR resources available, particularly for startups.

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