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Three practical tips for leaping into the world of entrepreneurship

// Scarlett Vespa gives advice on how to turn negative job circumstances into opportunities for launching new businesses.

The 10-slide VC deck

// Advice from Startmate CEO Michael Batko on the first deck you send to VC firms - the 10 page marketing deck.

Ten tips for better webinars

// Not surprisingly, there's been a dramatic increase in webinars recently. Not all are great. Here's some advice on holding better ones ...

Tips for supporting work-from-home employees during COVID-19

// Under the WHS act, whether your employees are working in an office or at home, organisations are committed to eliminate risks of injury and illness in the workplace. This includes mental risks too...

What to expect when returning to the workplace

// With restrictions easing across WA, businesses are slowly returning to the office and potentially different workplace norms…

Tips to boost your business presence during COVID-19

// To promote your brand during this hectic time, your social media content should connect with your consumers...

Bank Loans for startups in 2020

// In an exclusive article written for Startup News, finance expert Michael Coombes discusses the situation for startup lending amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Does the stimulus package cover startups? {with VIDEOS}

// The passing of the $130B 'JobKeeper' stimulus package through Parliament yesterday was momentous ... but how much applies to a typical startup?

Mental health support services available

//The federal government has recently provided funding towards a new dedicated COVID-19 mental health support service for small to medium-sized enterprises.

Lessons from the virtual founder panel {VIDEO}

// Lessons and tips from four of Australia's most successful startup founders, including video, on how they are responding to Covid-19...

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