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The 60-minute full pitch deck

// OK, so you've made it past the first hurdle and secured a meeting with VCs. What should your deck look like...?

Release of TD 2020/D1 to create issues for those claiming R&D Tax Incentive and JobKeeper

// RSM Principal Simon Harcombe explains how a new ruling may create issues for companies claiming R&D tax incentives and JobKeeper...

Creative destruction: the changing retail landscape

//Recent research affirms creative destruction in the retail industry, which is necessary for progress and a growing economy...

Learning entrepreneurship at uni

// In a post/current COVID world, technology and jobs are rapidly evolving. What impact has this had on budding entrepreneurs?

R&D Tax Incentive end of year planning

// With so much uncertainty around, thank goodness for the R&D tax incentive - here's what you need to know...

Three practical tips for leaping into the world of entrepreneurship

// Scarlett Vespa gives advice on how to turn negative job circumstances into opportunities for launching new businesses.

The 10-slide VC deck

// Advice from Startmate CEO Michael Batko on the first deck you send to VC firms - the 10 page marketing deck.

Ten tips for better webinars

// Not surprisingly, there's been a dramatic increase in webinars recently. Not all are great. Here's some advice on holding better ones ...

Tips for supporting work-from-home employees during COVID-19

// Under the WHS act, whether your employees are working in an office or at home, organisations are committed to eliminate risks of injury and illness in the workplace. This includes mental risks too...

What to expect when returning to the workplace

// With restrictions easing across WA, businesses are slowly returning to the office and potentially different workplace norms…

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