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Yoshitaa Thadhani

Yoshitaa is a 3rd year ECU student with a passion for broadcast journalism. She has a great love for travel, journalism, filming and social media.

Best apps for small business

It's no secret that it's tough doing a startup. Small businesses need all the help they can get. We've compiled some of the best apps that can assist...

WA technology, the solution to shark attacks? {with videos}

With the recent uptick in shark sightings and attacks, will technology (engineered right here in WA) hold the secret to dealing with the issue?

Startups get ready to pitch for a whopping $1M

StartCon, the largest startup and growth conference in Australia, has teamed up with Australian venture capitalist firm Right Click Capital to launch a $1 million pitching contest across Asia-Pacific...

Want to win a website worth 5k?

GoCart is an e-commerce company in the business of developing websites and online stores and they are offering one Australian resident their services worth $5000...

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