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Melissa Sheil

Mass Communications/ Journalism Student at Curtin University. Melissa has experience in the hospitality industry and is skilled in customer service, public speaking, professional writing, research, and project management. Strong operations professional with a mass communications base, she is focused in journalism and web media.

Daybreak app: research shows promise for treatment of high-risk alcohol users

// Developed as an intervention to support individuals with high-risk drinking habits, new research from Curtin has confirmed the Daybreak app has achieved its purpose...

Been hacked? This student wants to talk

// Are you one of the one in three Australians that have been impacted by cyber crime over the past few years? If so, an ECU student wants to hear from you...

All Greys from the All Blacks? NZ’s example for senior employment

// How many older folks do you employ at your startup? Have you ever considered it as an idea? Or thought about it at all?

NAB makes $2B tech funding pledge

// NAB recently announced that it will allocate $2 billion to help emerging tech companies...

Eight business lessons to live by

// What motivates a Sydney-based med tech cofounder to hand out plastic business cards with eight lessons to strangers... and what are the 8 lessons?

The Name of the Game

// 'Global name whisperer' Louise Karch reckons the sound your brand name makes can be the difference between ka-ching and kerplunk...

Bamboo looks to show digital asset micro investing is not taboo

WA-founded Bamboo seeks to provide a safe, simple way to make small investments in your everyday life...

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