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Max Vos

Hi, my name is Max, and I'm a freelance writer based in Perth, WA. I have been published with OUTinPerth, Grok Magazine and the Curtin Writers Club. My background is in Professional Writing & Publishing, and Literary and Cultural Studies, and my foreground will hopefully be as a regular writer here for //Startup News! I can't wait to meet the trendsetters behind new startups in my hometown.

The whys and wherefores of co-working spaces: Brodie McCulloch

// Thinking of starting your own - or working in a - co-working space? We seek advice from Spacecubed founder Brodie McCulloch...

WA video game technology can help save lives

// With further development in the field of Virtual Reality (VR) technology comes a new learning environment for Perth paramedics.

Office humour can be bad for your mental health, research shows

// Startups often have to cope with perpetual change. If this is the case, maybe don't go round cracking jokes, new ECU research suggests ...

Plan your online legacy with My Digital Afterlife

// Is there life after death? No one can say for sure. What happens to our digital lives is something a new SA-based SaaS business has an answer for...

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