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Lok Yan Chan

Lorraine Chan was born and raised in Hong Kong. She has developed a passion for food as medicine and non-diet approaches to help people optimise health and well being. Once she completed her high school, she came to Australia to chase her dream - to be a dietitian. The last four years have been an amazing journey for Lorraine. She never imagined she could receive an offer from University of Wollongong of Bachelor of Nutrition Science. At the time she completed her degree, she received a postgraduate offer of Master of Dietetics from Curtin University. Therefore, she moved from Sydney to Perth in 2018. Now, she is a student dietitian, also, a student researcher. As researching in the field of public health nutrition, she realises the popularity of nutrition in the media and the essential of evidence-based nutrition writing. She believes it is important to maintain the quality of health and nutrition journalism as journalistic expertise and experience are playing a major role in public health communication and healthcare. She is definitely addicted to being busy but productive. She loves feeling she is making progress and always in motion. She loves planning her day and prioritising her tasks, hence, she can have the control over her productivity. She is currently volunteering at local hospital regarding data entry and recipe assessment. She is also assisting with a local enthusiastic dietitian and exploring how the life of a private dietitian would be. One interesting fact she would like to share is, she actually came to Australia without knowing much English four and a half years ago. She even found that it was challenging to write a 300-word paragraph. She never thinks that she could be a student journalist and undertake her own research project. When she looks back every time, she just feels like it is just a dream. She always tells herself, "Never give up, keep working on it, and dream comes true."

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