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Wednesday, October 27, 2021


Keane Bourke

Currently studying Journalism and Law at Curtin University, Keane has a passion for communications and marketing, and shining a light on the best and brightest startups. Since late-October 2018, he has been working on a marketing project with Unearthed Solutions.

Beware the ‘Sydney stigma’: Unocart co-founder

For most Australian startups, 'making it in Sydney' is a major milestone, but there's debate as to whether we're being treated unfairly in the nation’s unofficial capital.

Planning without Pain (Part 4)

In the fourth and final part of our series on 'Planning', GeoMoby co-founder Chris Baudia admits that planning never came naturally to him - but that hasn't stopped him from embracing it...

Planning without Pain (part 3)

Equipping yourself with this one tool is the key to finding success through planning, according to The Volte co-founder Bernadette Olivier...

Planning without Pain (part 2)

Cutting through the noise when planning for success can be difficult, but as Dr Vanessa Rauland reveals, it shouldn’t scare startups off the process.

Local breakthrough in global mining tech

In a landscape dominated by software-based startups, the team at Hydraulic Innovations Mining have dug deep and created a world-first product that could revolutionise the mining industry...

Planning without Pain (part 1)

It’s an issue that divides startup founders across all industries: Planning. In the first of a series of 3 articles, Startup News spoke with Tom Kooy...

SnapSupport snaps up expansion opportunity

The latest round of Unearthed’s Accelerator program kicked off this week, with one WA startup trekking over to Queensland via Silicon Valley to take advantage of the opportunity...

Chance to pitch to a prince

WA startups are being presented with a royal opportunity, with the chance to pitch their bright ideas to the Duke of York at Murdoch University later this year.

Mining tech pioneer makes a Nyfty move to the Valley

One of the stalwarts of Perth’s startup scene is making the move to Silicon Valley – but that doesn’t mean he’s leaving us behind...

Startups, don’t forget about students: CORE CEO

The startup industry is missing out on invaluable talent each time it ignores the opportunities offered by students, according to CORE Innovation Hub’s CEO.

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